Emotions are complicated things.

Don't you just wish they had wings?

So they could leave you in peace?

Even just for an hour?

Even just one pure moment of sweet release?

And not only the ones that cause you pain,

Such as





Self loathing,

Those are some of the worst ones, even though they may seem minimal.

This is not all of them though, they are to numerous to list.

The ones that cause pain aren't even the worst ones sometimes,

The simple ones, such as



Self appreciation,



These can be just as bad when you think u don't deserve them , and shouldn't be feeling them at certain times.

For you have done something you see as unforgivable, but others do not, some think you have done the right thing. Others even though they may thin it not right, a mistake even, just want you to be happy so they do not fight it.

So the positive feelings, when they come at times like this, even if they only come for split seconds, amplify the feelings of negativity.

So take away the feelings make them flee,

Send them far away from thee.

Fore they have no benefits.

In fact they can be the making of death certificates.

So take them away.

And leave none.

So all that remains.

Is numb.