Chapter 1

In the Midnight Black Shadow

I have seen countless I have loved die around me. I have witnessed the world change. All of man's shining moments and devastating flaws. The Revolutionary War. World War II. The Holocaust. The vaccine for Chicken Pox. The invention of the computer. The story of Romeo and Juliet.

I watched from a dark alley, hiding in the midnight black shadow as a woman dashed down the red brick road, a cloud of thick fog a mere three or four meters behind her, and gaining fast.

For close to four hundred years, I have endured my curse that many would sell their souls to the devil for. I have seen all I have ever loved die around me. My mother. My father. My sister… The flaw in the clause. I can do anything the way I am except for do what comes naturally for all humans.

The mist was at her heels. An arm grabbed at her from the thick fog. I chose now to intervene. I jumped from the alleyway to the top of a building and from there to between the two, intending to block the oncoming creature's aim.

The mist swirled around and compacted itself so that it was in the shape of a man. The most amazing sight anyone would ever live to tell. Slowly, the mists' gray color faded to reveal a man with off-white skin, red eyes, and black hair. He wore a black cloak with long sleeves, similar to mine, and he wore black gloves which I knew hid long grotesque fingernails.

He stared at me cold-bloodedly as I did the same, although a simple observer would guess that I was just standing there stupidly since my hat was large enough to hide my eyes from the sunlight. I clenched my teeth and peeled my lips apart, hoping for once that natural instinct was driving him.

The man hissed as jumped at me, baring his oversized canine teeth… I should've known. Recently, there had been no such thing as a Vampire with natural instinct. Even the fresh-bites had free will nowadays.

I pulled out a golden cross and held it out as he wrapped his oversized jaw around its frame. I knew his goal. To rip off his gloves and slash my head off. He couldn't have been farther away.

"That's right," I muttered under my breath in a monotone, "Take a nice big bite out of the thing you fear most."

He winced as these words sank through his extremely thick skull. Steam began to rise from his face as he pulled back, unable to break free from the hold religion had on it. He rotated his jaw as he fought against me, his pull weakening as he continued to fruitlessly waste his strength denying the inevitable… After all, his canine teeth were welded to the cross…

"Tell me," I said, turning towards the woman, "Did he bite you?"

She shook her head, frightened. "I don't think so," she said, shaking uncontrollably as those words left her lips.

"Good," I said, turning back towards the Vampire as his flesh began to bubble slightly, "Less work for me."

With that, the Vampire evaporated. All that was left was the thick black cloak he had worn. By his rash decision to attack, it was obvious that the creature was a fresh-bite. Whether it was a werewolf that had recently been killed or a human that was recently bitten by a Vampire, I couldn't determine simply by inspecting his cloak. The only way I would've been able to tell would be if the clan had taken the time to mark their 'new arrival' which most of them took the time to do.

I took off my hat and looked at the nine symbols inside of it. One looked similar to an iron cross, another like a set of wings. One was a Hexagram with the number sixty-six within it. There was one that was an inversed pentagram with the top two tips rounded off. One was two crossed scythes and another like a skull. Another one looked like an Iron cross with wings - probably were members from two different clans jointed together. One looked like a white sword with wings, another looked like just a sword and the last one was an inversed pentagram with a sword behind it… Unfortunately, none of them were on this Vampire's clothing so it was impossible to identify his clan. There was no way this wasn't a fresh-bite.

The woman behind me simply stood there, staring at me, her eyes filled with fear. "Wh-… Who… What are you?" she asked me, a slight stutter in her voice. It was then that I realized what I'd done.

I turned around, throwing my hat on, the shadow covering my blood red eyes and my off-white skin, and the hat physically hiding my white hair. "My name," I began, "Is Uriel Kyuu." I stopped for a second to let that sink in. At her level of stress, there was no way she could comprehend that instantly. "And I am a Vampire Slayer."

At that second I turned around and walked away as my body evaporated into a thick mist, thus hiding my exit. A fierce wind then blew throwing my body - the mist - away, as the woman dashed into it in an attempt to look for me. As the wind blew the mist out of the street, she was left standing there, confused as to how I could get out of there so quickly.

I knew at that moment that I'd picked the right way and time to exit. I had to find out what clan the Vampire that had bitten - if any- was from. As well as why they were after the woman if there was a clan. There was no doubt about the fact that I had a long night ahead of me.

That was a hundred years ago today.

The fresh-bite had been bitten by the Zero Clan which was an attempt to get a Vampire to attack a pregnant woman to create another Dhampir. None of the Vampires in the clan had had a lover when they were alive so their only chance was to infect a woman with the blood of a Vamp and they couldn't have someone from their own clan attack someone because, well, I'm around.

Vampires have existed for thousands of years. The first of which was caused by a man being bitten by a wolf infected with the disease Hematodephagiata, a highly underdeveloped version of the disease that infects me now. They are the second biggest secret that every government is trying it's best to hide, only over-ruled by what really happened in Roswell, New Mexico.

Now whenever a human is infected with the disease, Hematodephagiata he or she dies instantly unless it was passed on by blood to a child of the same gender as the carrier (which is possible since the carrier is dead however can still function as a normal human). Another similarity to my disease. The second carrier of Hematodephagiata was the ever famous Dracula. He also was the first to have all the side-effects. 1, the need for human blood as an energy resource. 2, the inability to be exposed to natural light such as the sun or fire. 3, the inability to cast a reflection. 4, fangs caused by an increased amount of calcium from devouring human blood. 5, an inability to hold a cross. Whether this is because a carrier is normally dead or it is a result of the disease is unknown, however Hemophages - people infected with my disease which is a highly developed version of Hematodephagiata called Hemophagia - cannot die and suffer from similar symptoms, however they can hold a cross so it is assumed from this that it's the fact that Vampires are dead that the crosses effect them.

There are also some Vampires with the same disease called 'Daywalkers' whom are unaffected by natural light and cast reflections They are still plagued by other symptoms such as being affected by crosses and their fangs, however, they can more easily hunt their prey.

I am infected with the disease known as Hemophagia. It has the same symptoms of Hematodephagiata except: 1, the carrier is granted eternal life rather then an instant death 2, The carrier is unaffected by crosses, and 3, Hemophages, as the infected are called, do not require the blood of a human, or any kind of nourishment at all besides the occasional use of animal blood as a stimulant.

Finally, there are Dhampirs. Dhampirs are half-breeds between Humans and Vampires, one with a Vampire as a father and a human as a mother. These are caused by one of two things. 1, Vampires have a lust for women during their afterlife so they are attracted to their living wives or lovers, the offspring being a Dhampir. 2, the mother could have been attacked by a Vampire while pregnant, thus putting the blood of a Vampire into the child and turning the mother into a Vampire. Six of the nine Vampire clans are to proud to practice the first one and if the offspring is male for the first one, they show no vapiric traits at all and if the offspring is female for the second one, they have severe hemophobia in addition to not showing any of these traits.

My mother was a carrier. She got it from her mother and so-on and so-on. Just my luck, I was the first boy in my family in one thousand years. Roughly about five hundred years after the third Dhampir in history. Luckily for her, she was born without the traits… She lived to die…I would've given anything to be her… I would've given anything to not have my blood red eyes and pale skin… I would've given anything to be six-feet under right now.

I now stood atop a large building, probably fifteen floors high, sixteen if you're triskaidekaphobic, thinking about all this as I watched a young girl leave her home. She was around 15, two years younger then I appeared and had black hair and striking green eyes… I knew because I'd seen her enough. She was a target. I didn't know why but she was.

From all I knew, the Zero and T-Zero clans considered her a jewel while the five other, more 'proud' clans had called her bait.

I honestly saw nothing special about her. Just another human woman destined to die.

I looked at the road as a thick fog rolled in. I jumped down, vaporizing the bottoms of my shoes to silence the fall as a few of the creatures appeared within it. Slowly but surely, Vampires appeared within the mist, the emblem of the T-Zero clan on their chest - a sword with brilliant white wings.

The girl jumped back as one of the Vampires licked their lips.

I hung back, staying out of sight. My body was a mist so they could think that reinforcements were coming since the only time I was solid was when I was hiding in the midnight black shadow.

I stood watching, waiting, as the girl backed into me. The creatures closed in as one got on all fours and transformed into a wolf before jumping at the girl. It was time.

I pushed myself in front of the girl and formed there as the creature flew at me. I pulled out a golden gun and figured it at the creature, a white bullet with a small glass window on it flying out of the barrel and through the creature's chest. Slowed him down at least.

"Stay behind me," I said, pulling out a cross.

"O-okay," she said, nervously. She had a thick British accent and, for some reason, she had an annoyingly happy tone in her voice. What did she think I was?

A few of the Vampires jumped at me. I aimed and pulled the trigger twice, taking out two of them. I then threw the cross into a third one's chest. "Bull's eye," I murmured, putting the gun away as the Vampires ran, looking for hiding.

I walked away slowly, as my body faded into mist as two Vampires jumped over me as wolves. I instantly turned around, and reaching for my gun, forgetting that I'd already transformed.

"Crap," I muttered under my breath as my body again began to reshape.

I watched as the girl backed up slowly as the two wolves slowly approached her. I dashed up to them and pulled a cross out of my cloak before throwing it into the creature's back.

The other one simply moved closer and wrapped it jaws around her wrist.

She stared at it in horror, ready to pull away, the instant its grip got tighter.

I stood there, horrified. This would be my first loss in two hundred years. "Don't move," I said, slowly. She simply nodded in fear. I stared at the creature and tried the simple way out, hoping it would work. I stared the creature in the eye and bore my teeth.

He simply shook his head, not letting up. One wrong move and she'd be a vamp for the T-Zero clan. I stood there, staring at the creature; I had to hold him off somehow. I put my hand into my cloak as he started to growl… He knew.

I dropped my arm and looked at the girl, my eyes hidden by the shadow of my hat. She simply stared at me, frightened, her green eyes begging me to do something. If only I could. I looked back at the wolf… And heard her scream as he tightened his grip.

I looked at the horizon, the moon was a few meters up and the horizon had a pale orange tint to it…

I stared at the wolf for a second as he adverted his gaze. I dug into my cloak and pulled out a small flashlight. I held it out and switched it on as the bright light poured into his pupil. He immediately shut his eyes, doing nothing except tighten his grip on her wrist.

I looked back at the horizon. It was now a bright red. If only there was time to wait. I dropped the flashlight and raised my arms in surrender. I couldn't lose one. I watched her eyes suddenly fill with shock as I did this. I didn't want to but I did.

The wolf slowly walked away, the girl in his jaw. God, I hated this. I had to watch another one die because I was too stupid.

I looked back at the horizon. When would the sun show itself… It was the only way. I looked back they were halfway gone. I turned around as a bit of the orange sun peeked over the horizon.

At the second, the wolf fell over, it's grip on the girl lost, and steam rising from the creature's fur. He let out a cry of horror before vanishing altogether.

The girl immediately ran away from him and clung to my side. I could only pray that it was because she was scared.

I watched as the creature vanished and rose into the atmosphere, finished once and for all.

She immediately embraced me as the sun came into full view. I stood there shocked for a second as she uttered the single word "Thank you," and continued to cling to me as though she were scared out of her mind. Although the honest truth was that I wouldn't blame her if she was.

I stared at her for a few minutes as she just hung there before prying her off of me and walking away.

"Good-bye," she yelled as I vanished in a cloud of mist. This would be a long day.


I stood in front of door 3A on floor 12b of the apartment complex in which I lived. It was placed on the street Broken Dreams Boulevard named for a song that was, and still is, popular among Goths, teenagers, and members of today's counterculture.

I myself moved there because when I did, it was a Vampire hotspot. It was home to mainly Goths who had lost faith in themselves and it was difficult to tell the difference between a Goth and a Vampire. They both had pale skin. They both had bright colored eyes. They both had dark hair and constantly wore thick black clothing. The only difference was that the Goths didn't have fangs and even some of them had surgeries to make it look like they did. Well, that and the fact that one in a million Vamps had white hair.

I stood on the floor, looking down at the cement below me. It seemed like just yesterday the ground was covered in red and brown bricks rather then this pitch black cement and, occasionally, water. It used to just sink into the cracks between the bricks and keep the roads partially dry after storms. Now, the roads were arched downwards so that the water drained from the road and into these underground sewers.

It didn't do me a bit of good since the rain made it so that Vampires other then Daywalkers could come into the open and not be burnt to a crisp and the rain made it difficult for me to find Vampires quickly since slippery pavement wasn't exactly the best thing to run on at two hundred forty miles per hour looking for creatures trying to bite the neck of a random human.

I could simply transform myself into mist and move along the pavement as fog but that would drastically decrease my speed, my awareness, and would make it harder to distinguish between humans and vampires. After all, it was my job to stop creatures of the night, not a thug taking from a man with next to no money in his wallet. Although, I would love to take time out of my day to perform a biblical beating and point some sense into the people who think they have the right to do that, I simply can't.

I looked up at the sky, careful not to stare at the sun before turning around and walking into my apartment. I locked the door behind me and walked up to the liquor cabinet, pulling out a glass and a bottle of white wine. I poured a bit of it and took a quick drink of it. I still couldn't figure out what was so special about that girl. Or why only the Zero clans were interested in her.

I forced down the rest of the wine and walked over to the couch in my living room before falling back first onto it. I needed some rest. Last I checked, I hadn't gotten a good day's sleep in… One hundred and fifty years. I laid there as my mind began to wander and I slowly drifted into my own little world. My brain shutting off for a bit and letting my subconscious mind take over… One hundred and fifty years…