Under The Summer Rain

Chapter XIV: Mon ange... mon enfer...

'Where am I?? Why doesn't anything look familiar to me??

'Seriously... who's this talking to me?? Why does his face not ring a bell??

'Where am I...??'


(3rd person POV)

"Where's Riley??" Chris asked somberly, leaning on his right crutch heavily. His leg hurt like hell, but he wasn't about to give up the chance to make sure Riley was okay.

Of course, he had already went to see Leigh. She was bad... in a coma. It wasn't likely that she would live.

"Right this way, Mr. Osborn. Now, I must warn you that he'll be in pain. And he might not be awake or responsive. Also," Dr. Nanase stopped at the doorway to Riley's room, "We think he might have amnesia. So, be warned."

"Thank you." Chris silently made his way into Riley's room. A small figure was huddled in the stark white sheets on the hospital bed. Brown hair poked out at the very top.

"Riley..." Chris whispered to his friend, "Riles, it's me, Chris. Please, wake up and talk to me."

Riley stirred slightly, his mouth falling open with a groan of pain.

Chris looked at the brunet hopefully, taking a hold of Riley's hand. An IV poked out of the skin on the back of the pale hand, and it made Chris flinch. Both of them had always hated needles.

"Hey, you," Chris smoothed back some of Riley's frazzled hair from his forehead. "Can you hear me??"

Riley groaned in response, and his eyes flickered.

"Please, Riley, wake up. I'm here."

"W-who... are you??"

Chris' charcoal eyes widened considerably, "You don't remember me... at all??"

The brunet sat up, "Who are you?? Where am I??"


"Who are you talking to?!"

Chris sighed, "I'm talking to you... You're Riley. The doctors said you might have some form of amnesia." Another sigh, "I'm Chris. And you're in the hospital. Leigh and yourself were driving home from school to come and pick me up from the same hospital where you're at right now."

"I'm... in a hospital??" Riley asked, his hazel eyes blinking cutely.

"Well... yeah. You were in a car wreck with our friend, Leigh."

"Leigh..." The brunet seemed to fumble over the word. As if it were strange to him.

"Yeah, she's in the ICU. She's not doing good, Riley. She might--" Chris' eyes became misty, "She might die."


"Rilley..." Chris begged, his head on Riley's hand, "Please remember... Please..."


"It's so good to see you." Chris beamed through his tears at the taller man, dressed up in a pressed back suit, carrying a small child in his arms.

"Same here, Chris," Jagger leaned in to hug his friend, though tears were streaming down his cheeks in little rivers. Drucilla (now armed with shoulder-length dark brown hair and less piercings) smiled as well, holding onto her husband's arm as if he would fly away if she didn't.

Maybe that was the case. Maybe this whole day was a dream and they weren't really there, standing over Leigh's casket, looking down in at her smooth, pale face.

"I'm sorry that we hadn't come in to visit earlier. We really should have. Especially with Jeremiah now born." Dru ran a slender finger down her son's cheek. Luke Jeremiah Camronson was turning one, and he was already showing signs of being related to the small-boned, quick-witted Leigh Jenna Camronson.

"He's beautiful." Chris smiled as Jagger handed the small infant to his friend. "He's got the best of both of you."

"You always were such a liar, Chris." Dru laughed through her tears.

Chris just smiled.

"So, what exactly happened??" Jag asked as Chris handed Jeremiah back to Dru, who went to go see Riley.

"Riley and Leigh were driving back from school to come get me, when they crashed into a tree. Some of the limbs went through the windsheild. When I saw her, it's was... horrible. I'm so sorry, Jag." Chris collapsed, sobbing in Jagger's arms. The two held onto each other for support for a while, before Jag insisted that he see Riley.

"Riles... 'member me??" The blonde bent down to Riley's eye-level (the brunet was in a wheel chair). "It's Jagger. Your dirty blond sex god." Jag chuckled through his tears.

Hazel eyes met with Jagger's, blank... unknowing.

"He's got amnesia. He-- he doesn't even remember me." Chris mumbled. "A few of his new friends stopped by, but he didn't recognize them. They told me to tell him that a 'Leon' and an 'Alex' were... missing. And that Shadow and Mere were moving. Before that, a few of our friends from Drama stopped by." Chris sighed, "Knives had killed himself the other day. Weed and Kara were so torn up about it that they decided to move away. Chameleon dropped out of the class; she and Knives were close."

"Damn, Chris... I'm so sorry." Dru pulled the black-haired teen into a hug. "If you want, Jag and I could move back. To help."

"I've got it. Riley's friend, Kowareru, has already offered. We're all going to move in to Riley's apartment together. Untill Riley gets better."

"That's good, dear." Drucilla smiled. "You know our number, though. We'll be glad to come back."

"Thanks, Dru."

"One-Four-Three, Chris."


Jag nudged his wife and his best friend, "It's starting. I'll wheel Riley around to our seats."


"Have you gotten everything under control??" Drucilla asked again. It seemed like she just couldn't leave.

"I've already called Mr. Stover. He should be in after his honeymoon to see Riley. Kowa's going to help me move in this weekend, and..." Chris sighed, "Dr. Strait should be by later on today. Just to make sure that Riley'll be okay."

"Okay, dear, well... we're off." Dru's eyes misted up as she hugged Chris close, "You know Jag and I'll help as much as we can. Just call."

"I know. Thank you so much, Dru." Chris smiled.

"Anytime." Dru closed the passenger door as Jag hugged Chris.

"I'll miss you." Jagger muttered. Chris smiled and took Jeremiah.

"It's too bad that you missed the chance to know your aunt... but she was a wonderful woman. She would've... been very proud..." Chris kissed the top of the baby's head before giving him back to his dad.

Chris sighed, "I don't know what I'd have done if I never knew you guys. You've all helped me grow up and mature. I can't thank you all enough."

"Just... stay alive for a little while longer." Jag winked, "We'll see you later. Call, please."

"All the time." Chris smiled, placing a hand on Riley's shoulder.

"Good-bye, you two." Jag strapped Jeremiah in the car, and got into the driver's seat before waving and driving off.

"Riley..." Chris muttered.

The brunet looked up, now used to being called a name he didn't recognize.

"Even though you don't recognize them... They're the best friends you had... and will ever have."

A tear landed on the handle of Riley's chair. He looked up at Chris, who was crying silently.

Riley reached up to bring Chris' face down to him, "I love you..."



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