Coffee With Darth Vader
In a world in my mind, trapped in time
Space travels the only way to unwind
A holiday with strangers you call friends
But then again
Are they really so strange?
Change of pace,
Dressed in combat boots and lace,
Standing in line to receive my award
for my outlandish takes on things like war,
and other shit like that.
I don't need this, take a break
blow bubbles that look fake,
take a left on the street whre I forgot my sanity,
Find it at my feet in a tangled ball with humanity
and I sit down and try not to cry.
One year later,
I'm in a coffee shop
sipping lattes with Darth Vader.
We kick back, relax
discussing the past year
and how fates are never clear
like how neither of us can count change,
how strange
and he's the ruler of the galaxy and I'm just me,
and he likes me that way.
I say hey, why did you blow the earth away?
but he just smiles.
We sit for awhile, until in walks my shrink,
who would you think, it's Sigmund Freud
He's holding a job request
stamped with a big red VOID
What a strange thing
I should be denied to teach people how to fly
because I used my wings.
and I guess I'll never know why.
Then its closing time
we stand outside sipping Perrier
from brown paper bags
and talking bout how time lags
When things seem scarier
Cops go by, so we all say goodbye
it's time to catch the next shuttle home
Vader says, he's going my way
if I don't mind a chase to keep Luke
from saving outer space
So I hop in, strap myself in because
even on the Deathstar, seatbelts aren't cliché.
Away we go, rocking out to the rhythms in our heads
Thinking of what is what was
will be really soon.
Luke drops in with a grin and
the plastic saber battle
makes the ship rattle as they begin to battle
for the right to says who owns tonight.
just another family quarrel.
I slip out,
decide to take the scenic route
and walk to try to find
the exit ramp
to the world in my mind.