Another slam poem. Best read outloud so you can feel the beats. The rhyming scheme and rhythm are fairly flat just on the page.

Get a Life

Don't trouble yourself
trying to get a life
They come prepackaged, shrink-wrapped,
Safety lock feature and a childproof cap.
Try our suburban special.
Comes with an SUV
and directions on
how to drive it
like an SOB.
You might as well be filling your tank with blood
rather than oil that's the spoils of an unjust war.
but I guess your heated, leather seated, luxury automobile
helps to keep the bile down.

Maybe that's not your style.
That's okay, we've got crated, sedated, fully automated
Corporate lives, too
Comes with a trophy wife, oversized estate, and 3 counts of felony
Don't worry, you can buy off the jury
Or, if you're in a hurry, take your private jet
to the movie set island on loan from the president
Because you're not going jail
At least, not if you're a white, older, male.
But hey, maybe that's not you,

That's okay, we've got
illogically medicated, politically sophisticated
URBAN lives, too!
And you get to pretend to care
about clubbing seals and dirty deals
when your clothes are the product
of those who are used and abused
child labor so savor the feel of you wear
and be sure not to care.

So come on down, and buy a life!
we'll throw in a dog, and a husband or wife!
You might be wondering what's the toll--
It's all for the low, low, price of your dirty, dying soul.