Last Night, Goodbye.

I sit as a block of ice would,

Unmoving and dripping onto the ground.

My droplets are sliver and hot

But I refuse to admit their pain.

It will hurt, but I will not say goodbye.

It will break me, but for you I am willing to try.

I sit between two opposites,

Fire and the cold.

I will be my only nemesis,

And not let the pain control.

I laugh to stop the thinking,

Tell you what I am,

But you can never leave me,

Not the shadows that love sad.

I cry because I can't not.

I cry so it can teach.

I yell to make it shown my frustration.

I'm quiet to protect theses feelings.

I love you.

I love you too.

I don't think you know what that means.

It's quiet.

I love you.

I will work for this and push.

You cannot be my only one,

Your strength is not enough.

I gave you a shoulder to cry onto

Offered you my soul.

I gave you so many beautiful words,

But feel nothing in your hold.

You cannot hurt me like they did.

I'm not going to try.

No one person is good enough.

You let the ones who love you pass you by.

I'll be subtle,

I'll be true,

I'll give you what I understand,

I'll give to you my hope,

Just why won't you understand?

Understand my youth.

I'm numb the way you told me.

I love you all the same.

You told me you'd support me.

And for me, that support is change.

So I'll run into your arms again,

The same as three times past,

All because I love you,

And I'm one who grew too fast.

I am scared,

You made me not alone.

You're everything I needed,

I know it unfair to ask for more.

I sit as a hollow temple,

I think of you as my bell.

You give me a voice to stand on,

So I'm afraid to say goodbye.

It hurts that you didn't call much.

It hurts to think I wasted my life.

I know deep down you were good for me,

So I smile and try not to cry.

I cry for you leaving,

Just like they all do,

I cry because it is the emotion,

Of being scared of loosing you.

You won't come back I know it.

You won't call me I'm sure.

You won't remember me in ten years,

But there are teardrops I still cry.

I'm sorry for the youth.

I'm sorry for fake pain.

I'm sorry You all don't know me well,

I get scarred of the initial goodbye.

It doesn't hurt,

Not really,

I've been through worse I'm sure.

But because you leave tomorrow,

Don't be a stranger to my door.

I know you wanted more from me,

And it wasn't what you hoped.

I know you won't admit a thing,

Because throughout life we should cope.

I am you little baby

I am your little girl,

But I am not a child now

Kick me out the door.

I want to see the world so bad,

A world without the gear,

A world that tries to hurt me,

I know that's what you fear.

It isn't you we don't trust.

It is matter of law,

It is a matter of they don't care,

Whether you raise or you fall.

Let me fall down,

Let me scrape my knee,

Let me find my own people,

Just let me be.

I'm smart you say,

And pretty too,

I'm good you say,

But let go

I beg you.

Ah!- My most beloved player,

My best enemy and worst friend,

To what do I owe the occasion?

What sin have you done again?

You aren't real,

You were never here,

You're only in my head.

Maybe if you stop thinking,

Your hart will be sealed?

Your devil,

You child,

You're heart is made of glass!

What heart is this I ask-

But something more to crush.

You're only in my mind.

I've gotten into your soul.

I won't let you be a part of me.

I'm not yours to control.

So she asks of other people,

What it is she must do,

But nobody believes her,

And the failure doesn't ever end here.