"Kobe get those legs moving. You have to fit for the France match in two weeks" shouted" shouted Steven Mclaren in the

dripping rain."Me Kobe Bryant a basket ball player I play basket ball not football" mutter Kobe under his breath.

As the training came to an end "Kobe I liked to see you in my office now" said Steven Mclaren "ooh" said the rest of the team.

The Small Meeting

A 6'6 foot, black American who plays basket ball how ever

did he join the England football team?

They walked in silence only the tap of boots made noise.

"Kobe please sit" "It was hard for me to make my career

what to choose?" "Basket ball, Rugby, Tennis or Football."

I didn't know what to pick because I was an all rounder in sports." "I started with Rugby, too dangerous Basket ball too boring, so I choose what I had interest in the most and that was football." "You have to make up your mind now or never get the chance you just be forced into some think" said Steven

"Now choose!" boomed Steven

"You have till tomorrow to answer. You may leave" said Steven.

At Home

"Son I have some think to tell you" Said David Bryant(Kobe dad) "I sigh you up for the England football team"

"WHY DAD WHY!!!" SHOUTED Kobe at the top of his voice

"Son you know I never liked you playing basket ball always showing up on TV, so I made you join the England"

"Screw you dad I get my revenge. And plus I can say no" laughed Kobe. "Son there is one more thing you are on a contract for one year so you can't leave yet" Chuckled David.

Extra Training

"5 laps dad who do you think you are?" said Kobe in agony.

Kicking ball into the goal. This is so boring. Dribbling around cones, passing the ball on a straight line to the wall, keeping the ball in the air. Knee ups. 50 press ups, 50 sit ups and 50 volleys into the goal.

The Flight

"Dad get in the car or we be late" said Kobe

As they speeded alone the road to the airport.

Kobe grabbed his luggage and ran to his plane, his dad never got a chance to say bye because they were in such a rush.

"Kobe you are lucky you just got here or else we would have

left" Said Steven. As he walked on the airplane. Every

one on the bus jeered for Kobe.

The Big Match

As the match started England had the ball. Becks cross the ball into the box Kobe jumps up and heads it in.

to England, England goes wild and crazy.

France has the ball, Kobe tackles the French player,

picks up the ball and bounce it toward the goal when he gets to the goal he throw the ball in the goal. The referee blows his whistle end of the game. The French manger get up a says to the ref that a hand ball. But the ref replies "fair and square"

Little did anyone now the ref didn't call it a hand-ball because

Kobe promised him his autograph .