The five gods of the Divine Kingdom. Each created a part of the planet we live on, known as the Traehym. Obal, the gracious, moulded the shapeless matter into soil, and brought up flowers and trees to decorate it. Reu, the swift, cut her flowing hair and laid it around the land to create the oceans. Jared, the humble, plucked jewels off his robe and hung them in the sky to guard the light and the dark. Finally Resen and A'lily, the Greatest, placed part of themselves on the earth, and these grew to become the humans.

Resen and A'lily, the Greatest, watched over the land as the humans of old grew and wandered. Yet the humans were confused and restless. While they walked with the gods they wondered what had caused the difference between the two. Often mortals were invited to the Divine Kingdom to speak with the gods, and what they saw made them grow envious. Finally the gods realised that if this continued, the humans, in jealousy, would stop worshipping the gods, and without worship, gods do not exist. They turned in desperation to Resen and A'lily, the Greatest, for help.

The two Greatest knew that they couldn't simply stop seeing the humans. The humans would rise up and wage war against the gods, and it is law that anyone who fights with a god must die. The gods didn't want their people all killed for treason. The only option was to make the humans forget. Resen and A'lily, the Greatest, begot a son whom they named Casian, the Proud. Through him, they channelled emotions and feelings from the black Outside world to their own Traehym. Anger... hatred... jealousy. The gods replaced the memories with these things and made Casian the guard of them.

The once-peaceful Traehym now became tainted with evil. The humans each fought an individual, private battle against the hatred inside them, and they forgot about the Divine Kingdom. They were obliged to pray to the gods if they lacked, otherwise the thing they wanted wouldn't appear.

But Casian enjoyed his work of placing hate into each humans and began to misuse his power. The humans rose up against each other in uncontrollable hatred and a mass killing began. The humans killed anyone they found who was not of their kin, only to turn around and be killed by another. The gods were horrified of what had become of their beautiful world and knew they had to stop Casian. Together, they placed a powerful spell on him. It made Casian only place as much hate in the humans depending on the purity of their souls. Peace resumed, and the humans recovered.

Casian was angry at the gods for treating him like a mortal, but he could do nothing against the spell. Instead, he took to wooing Obal, the gracious. He knew that if he could weaken just one caster of the spell, he would be free. Obal, the gracious, was the most kind-hearted of the gods and took pity on young Casian. He managed to convince her to release her hold on the spell for just one day.

The other gods realised what had happened and rushed to stop Casian, but it was too late. Casian had overpowered the Earth goddess. Resen and A'lily, the Greatest, immediately subdued their son and managed to rescue Obal, the gracious, but she remained severely weakened. Shaking, she cast her part of the spell again.

Obal is the protector of peace. Casian is the caster of war. Whenever Obal succumbs to her weakness, Casian is able to resume his job, but when Obal is strong enough to maintain the spell, Casian is bound. So it will remain until the end of time.