Having read Theseus and the Minotaur and Pandora's Box. In Pandora's Box it start as Pandora been sent down to earth to cause trouble and she open the special box and hope comes last to help the humans. The people of Athens were getting terrorized by Minos the king of Crete. Theseus decides to go and save the day. And Theseus

goes on a quest.

Theseus and the Minotaur follows the classic structure by a classic fairy tale Theseus slew the Minotaur and marries

Aridane is the fairy tale princess Theseus is the fairy tale prince. Theseus is a brave hero who is strong, noble and has no fear. Pandora's Box follows the classic structure by a classic villain book. Pandora husband Epimetheus

was to watch what Pandora did with the box.

The difference between Theseus and Pandora was that Pandora was sent down to earth to cause trouble and Theseus was sent to Crete to slay the Minotaur. Pandora

is a villain who tries to cause all kinds of trouble. Theseus

is a hero who kills a beast. The similarities between both stories are that Pandora and Theseus where both sent to do some think. The differences are Theseus is a hero however Pandora is a villain. The differences are Theseus has a helper, Aridane a woman helper. She gives him advice how to get in the maze and she gives him a magic ball of tread. The god Dinoursaus put a spell on Theseus so he would forget everyone on the beach. Pandora's husband was told to watch over his wife by the god Zeus,

Although he did not see her open the special box.

The words for Theseus and the Minotaur where pretty more about himself: battle, strong, brave, heroic, love, noble, slay, slew has no fear. Words like those have a lot of effect, especially when you use it in the right text e.g. that man is stronger than an ox, Theseus was brave "I will go with the seven girls and six boys, has a heart to fight. The words for Pandora's Box here pretty much about others: villain, scary, quest, evil, careless, beautiful, anger, hope. Words like these have a very good effect, especially when you use it in a story text, e.g. Zeus had anger, Pandora was a villain like lex Luther, Hope the last item in the box.

The words that would just sound fabulous in both stories would be, using all four nouns. Proper, common, collective, abstract nouns. Connectives e.g. suddenly, yet, also, however, although, even though, moreover and let alone. Similes e.g. he ran like the wind, my love is like a red, red rose and she was as mad as a rabid dog.

Metaphor e.g. He was drowning in money, Life is just a bowl of cherries and he was richen in beauty.