The sun has never

Gleamed so dull.

It's like the rain

Just won't stop.

I can feel my heart

Crumbling in his hands.

I cry now,

More than ever.

I wish it were more


I wish it all

Would stop.

This was the exact way she wrote it, on that horrible day. She wrote the poem as she lay on her bed. On one side of her was a picture of Bobby; on the other there was a gun. While she was writing her last words ever written she cried. She cried so hard the paper she wrote on was soaked with tears. Then they heard the shot her parents were downstairs. They ran to see what had happened, what had happened to their precious daughter. When they found her they fell to their knees, in tears. They didn't believe what she had done. They didn't want to believe. How could a daughter so perfect kill herself? All over some boy. Although to Kathryn, Bobby wasn't just some boy. At first bobby was a friend, then a best friend (and you know what they say, the greatest love you'll ever have won't just be the one you love, they'll be your best friend). Kathryn took this to heart; she fell in love with bobby. After a year of building up her courage she finally asked him to go out with her, of course he said yes. He had liked her too, and after the many they both had wasted they were finally together. Bobby and Kathryn were a match made in heaven. They even had, sort of, pet names for each other, he was her "Boo" and she was "his Katy" (kind of possessive). So when he saw that his Katy was talking to Sean he totally freaked out and was absolutely paranoid. About a week later they broke up.

Katy was talking to Sean he totally freaked out and was absolutely paranoid. About a week later they broke up.

Everyone was shocked for they were so happy together and Kathryn was devastated. This led her, that very night, to her death. When bobby found out Kathryn was dead he was in total disbelief, then he found out she killed herself. It took a few seconds to sink in after he realized his friends would never joke about something like that. Bobby fell to his knees in tears; he knew she died because of him being so foolishly jealous of a simple conversation. How was he going to get through this? Bobby went home early from school his mom picked him up. They wept in the car for twenty minutes before his mom could even start the car. Bobby sobbed semi-silently the whole way home. That night Kathryn's father called Bobby. "Jenna, its Todd." Kathryn's father said forcing back the incredible anguish he felt. "Todd, I'm so sorry. I can't believe this is happening to us." Jenna, bobby's mom said compassionately, she never though she would get the reaction that came after. "What do you mean, 'happening to us?" He screamed with fury in his voice." This is not happening to you, Bobby didn't kill himself because Kathryn broke up with him." He was both crying and yelling as his wife took the phone, before he said something he would really regret.

"Oh god, Jenna, I'm so sorry." Todd's wife Gabriel said. "But you could only imagine how terrible this is right now."

"I know I should never have said anything like that, I'm sorry. But Katy was like a daughter to me and I do feel as if I' going through it too."

"I know Katy thought of you as a second mother and I understand that you are just as devastated as we are in this matter." Gabriel told Jenna. "But the main reason my husband called was to talk to Bobby, we can only imagine what he is feeling."

"Oh, of course. I'll go get him." Jenna said as she set down the phone and went upstairs to get bobby.