Is there ever a place for us

Those whose lives have stalled before their eyes?

The one question to get hung up on

Repeated a thousand different times and ways

In the sleepless minds of those in question

Lonely, insomniac, dark nights to yourself

Where precious sleep is absent

Leaving you with the most feared entity known to man

The human mind

Endless possibilities





All wrapped in the fog of fatigue

That no dawn can dissipate

No song can capture

No writer can convey

No words to describe the emotion

No way to feel through the endless vocabulary

Employed by the "brooding souls" of countless writers

Trying in vain to bring these thoughts to the world

And still, I try

But in the end, all that's left

Only you, left to yourself

At the mercy of where you will be taken

Some will get lost

Consumed by what they are shown

Forever detached, longing for fantasy

Some will ignore it

Slough off the weight of their conscience

And deftly smile through the fa├žade

But what of those who do neither

Cannot decide what must be done

Facing their own judgment night after night

Only to be caught in their life's own cracks

Will they simply cease to exist?

Or exist all the same, unseen?

Only they can decide

Some cannot, will not

Surrounded by what could have been

Or what was long ago

Neither proceeding

Or retreating


Inside themselves

Longing for a way out...