In the silence of the pre-storm
She drummed her fingers on her knees
While all the other hands were wringing
And all the women whispered pleas
Of Jesus, Lord, come save me
She stretched her teeth and grinned
The only Lord round here, round now
Is all the trouble that you're in

They glared and teared and with their eyes
The clouds ripped and then came
One drop, so small, but watched by all
And it was followed by the rain
The rain, it tore, it ripped the air
The women all would sob
Her knee just jittered up and down
And with the rain her heartbeat throbbed

Lightning struck, the kittens screamed
She clapped in time and rasped for more
A steel toed boot joined in the stomp
Sent the sound waves crashing to the shore
The fear, in tidals, echoed jaws
The glutton on their breath would wail
So quickly lost in ice and wind
Oh Lord, they cried, the hail

Then thunder crashed, they trilled and fell
She slammed up to her feet
They dropped like flies with witches eyes
She swayed and kept the pounding beat
The cyclones came, and howled the pain
Banshees proclaiming the release
The ground would shake, the sun would break
And all it sounded with her feet

Her beating heart slashed form her chest
And took up the natural row
Her mouth let forth one passion note
To only cease when heavens bowed
Because this is the race, the time, the place
The rage apocalypse is now

And here she slams, the dance, her feet
The storm crescendos with a roar
And she performed her violent two step
Until the world would spin no more