Hold me in your palms

And help me undo my shyness.

Lets grasp onto eachother

As the wind screams at our windows,

Brown brick saran-wrap around our paradise,

Durable and solid-so no one knows .

You make me want to be reckless,

Wave goodbye to my 'reputation'

Why can't we just all be open,

Not afraid to practice deviation?

Why can't we just all be silly?

Lust without being ashamed?

Create without being bashful?

Be individual without facing a name?

So hold me in your palms,

And help me forget this "legacy".

Lets grasp onto eachother,

As if the world is breaking in two,

As if the moon is a glass orb crashing,

As if we have nothing else to do.


I Hope you enjoyed. The majority of my work doesn't rhyme but I thought the scheme kinda worked here so I gave it a shot!