The Balad of Spiffy Wilcox and the toasters of Madagascar: A saga by Pie & Liz
A yong man went yodeling, in a mountaintop high
And there he met a young lass, not knowing she was a spy.
He sat upon the snow, so white and very bright
Whereuppon she took out a knife, gleaming in the light
He turned to her, smiling, and asked her on bended knee
..."wilt thou not be a dear, and refrain from killing me?"
The woman was deeply touched, and so she said
I will not kill you on this day, but only if you make my bed
Oh surely not! The man cried out, his face flustered with fear
"Well just fine! Be that way!" and she doused him with cold beer.
He screamed in pain and fell about, melting in the sun
She smirked and thought "Serves him right for not making my bed, that stupid yodeling one!"
He ghashed and wept and cried out loud as the grass ran red with blood
She nodded, and quite satisfied, drank the warm red flood
And then, oh no! A woeful sight saw she
The man took out some waxed paper, and unwrapped a slice of brie!
He rose from death, guffawed, and ate the piece of cheese
Desperate, she tried to gain the upper hand by calling her army of fleas
The fleas stood mightly ontop of the hill, but then they saw the horse
And flew away in terror, without a trace of remorse
The girl gave up, and took her kidneys from beneathe her feet
And, after bowing before the man, took off down the street
So as we stand, I tell the morale you must now know
Do not try to beat the yodeling man without first giving your nose a good blow!