When we finally said our goodbyes

I'd no idea what that could mean,

But now that I am without you

I think I'm beginning to see-

T'was how we'd laugh a thousand times,

When with others I'd try to grin.

It was the way you knew my thoughts

And spoke them before I'd begin.

T'was the way we had no need to speak

To know which direction to turn.

And how we made it through living,

Laughing at the hard way we'd learn.

It was jokes that ran between us

That nobody else tried to get,

And how you'd hear out anything

I needed to get off my chest.

T'was how you'd ever remind me

To slow down, back up, and restart,

And that you could always sing back

The sporadic song of my heart.

When with you the 'rules' meant nothing,

'Cause they were simply guiding lines,

And you would laughingly point out

My obsessions, and the list the signs-

Yes, I often fell in too deep,

But you would always pull me out.

I trusted you to come running

When you heard my 'distinctive' shout.

Those words we so often quoted

Seem to have come alive and true-

As my mind still clings to the past,

And a part of that past is you.

I know you're adapting better,

And you've come to accept this change,

But even as you wander on

I'm left with a feeling so strange.

Make me a promise now, my friend,

Just say that you'll keep these words true-

You won't forget the times we've had,

You won't forget the me you knew.

Don't lose or forget the blue sky

I drew for you one rainy day,

And remember we can go on

Without ever knowing the way.