Best friends forever, you said,

And I readily concurred-

I thought you really meant it-

It seemed more than just plain words.

You said it didn't matter,

Not long distances or years,

But now I think I doubt that,

And it brings me close to tears.

You stare like I'm a stranger,

Say my name but recognition

Is absent from you face-

What was once immortal

Seems to be gone without a trace.

Did you forget you promised

Our tales would outlive the stars?

Seems now like what were mem'ries

Are becoming painful scars.

I can still recite that poem

You sent not so long ago

About good friends…and friendship

And how ours could only grow.

Can you tell me what that meant?

Was it a game, or was it real?

Your abandonment, it hurts,

But it looks like you can't feel-

Can't feel what you've done to me,

You can't see my broken heart

Or hear it asking, 'who's changed

In the time we've been apart?'

So maybe you've moved on now,

And that's why you're blind to me,

Looking on toward the future-

One I can't begin to see.

Can't see the future now

I only picture it with you,

But yours is full without me

So just what should I do?