I bought a bag of pretzels,
I really don't know why.
I thought they might taste good
On a day that was so dry.

I went home with my pretzels
And sat down on the couch.
I turned the TV to my favorite show
And opened the pretzel pouch.

Instead of my fav'rite show,
A special came from DC.
"It seems," they said, "terrible news,
Our President is on his knees.

"He, you see, during a game,
Was eating a little too fast.
His salty snacks he loved so much,
This pretzel may be his last."

Surprised by the news, I stood,
Grabbing my salty snack
I found a pen, paper, and wrote,
While holding laughter back:

"Dear Mr President,
I hear you're not feeling spry.
I'm sending you a treat that you may enjoy-
You need this more than I."

I put some pretzels into an envelope,
Added the letter and sealed with a lick.
I mailed my letter to the President that day,
Hoping he would eat my gift quick.