They call it youth.

It was the cruelty of the game

That left me in s h a m b l e s;

My part was in the hide and yours in the seek.

The dark corners were the safest place to stay

Until I saw your silhouette in the hallway,

You'd come to find me some hours later,

Smiling that cigarette smile.

The kiss that came with the smile was like an antidepressant

Leaving me numb to the point where I didn't mind you

Dragging me up the stairs.

But the feeling came back when we reached the top,

And so did the penniless thoughts.

The accusations came soon after,

And the denials of where you'd been,

But the little girl lay on the bed, bleeding.

Had you found her the same way?

I could just see your fingerprints on her skin,

The abuse that you had left in her hair.

She was just like me.

The familiarity was in the bruises.