Michelle's POV

Stupid school with their stupid detentions. Stupid teachers who give said stupid detentions. Oh, I'm so high and mighty that I'm going to make you stay in the hellhole for an hour longer while I go home. I just know that's what my teacher was thinking when he gave me detention. It wasn't even for a good reason, since when was dazing off in class against the rules. I'm forced to come here five days a week for six hours a day. They can't seriously expect me to pay attention every second of that time.

So here I am, finally leaving school on a Tuesday afternoon an hour later than the rest of the population whereas I should be at home taking a nap or eating junk food in front of the TV. Ok so that's what I wish I were doing, truth be told, I should be at work, silently cussing out customers while getting paid minimum wage. No, I don't work at one of those stores in the mall that everyone at school goes to, I would probably end up killing some people. I work at Albertson's. As a cashier. Smiling fakely at people. But anyways, that's not the point of my story. My point started right after detention.

I thought I was the only student left on campus, but I was wrong. Walking out the entrance to my car, trying not to be later than I absolutely had to be for work, I got stopped.

"Hey girl. Come here."

I looked to my side, as I was about to officially leave the school grounds as saw 2 guys. I've seen them around school. They're the "bad boy" type. Ditching, smoking, and who knows what else. I don't want to know, but I hear they're in a gang. I walked up to them, slightly intimidated but I never show it. They were both about 6 feet tall and muscular, enough to intimidate most people. I stood in front of them, but said nothing, they called me over, they can do the talking.

"What's your name?" The black haired one commanded more than asked.

"Michelle" I answered confidently. Never show fear, it only worsens a situation.

"Why are you still at school Michelle?"


"Do you ever answer with more than one word?"


I know it may seem stupid to give attitude to people like them, but as he continued to ask questions, I felt less uneasy. I know they would never hit a girl, so what's there to be afraid of?

"What are you doing this Friday?"


"And after?"




"How about once you wake up you go out with me?"

"No thanks."

"Your first response longer than a word and it's a rejection. And may I ask why not?"

"I don't even know your name."

"Whoa, a whole sentence, hope I don't get use to them. By the way, name's Derrick, he's Chris. Now, about that date."

Chris gave a small nod, but still has yet to speak.

"Still no. Why the hell do you want to go out with me anyway?"

"You're here, you look decent enough, why not."

"Wow, you sure know the right words to say to a person. Now that I heard your insightful words, of course I'll go out with you." I answered sarcastically while rolling my eyes.

"I knew you would see it my way. Pick you up at eight?"

"Sure, wait for me on the dirtiest street you can find and don't leave there until I show up. Now if you're done wasting my time, I'm late for work."

I started leaving, but heard a soft chuckle behind me. From the corner of my eye I could see Chris laughing at Derrick while being told to shut up by an angry Derrick.

I can't believe that ass asked me out. I've never talked to him in my life, yet he calls me over like a dog to ask me out in a rude manner. If I weren't so late for work I would have told him off better.

Derrick's POV

"Hahaha man, she really told you off."

"Shut up Chris."

"Dude did you see her look of disgust when you told her why you asked her out. You're not exactly suave are you?"

"Hey I am suave, who needs her anyway. She isn't that hot, I could do better."

"She wasn't even the least bit intimidated by you."

"So how long are you going to go on about this?"

"Probably a very long time."

"You're lucky you're my best bud otherwise I would have socked you by now."

"Well if I wasn't, I wouldn't be talking right now. Nobody's stupid enough to get on your bad side, except maybe that girl who just rejected you. Did I mention you just got rejected?"

"I'll get her in the end, just to shut you up."