I'm not all that good at summarising, but let me try.

Ivy, oringally Carmine, is a vampire form Italy, born a little before the Rennaisance. He travels over Europe, taking his place in many different cities as the years go on, never really lingering for too long.This is actually the story of his romance with a young lady he meets in London, in the nineteenth century, the sacfrices that they both have to make, and the trsgedy that causes him to...welll, i dont want to give way too much.

I decided to post this one becuase i was hoping that the reviews might encourage me to continue writng it. I'm just not really that motivated. So please read and review, comment/crtitque. Just let me know what you think.


A plane roared over Ivy's head, almost invisible in the night sky. He stood alone, leaning on the rail that was used to stop people form falling off the edge of the cliff; he looked up into the night. Far off he saw the stars that were invisible to humans due to all the lights, and he saw the outline of the plane that was headed east. He sighed softly and turned to face the ground. The rail groaned lightly under his pressure and bent slightly forward.

Below him was a narrow expanse of beach that was littered with large sharp rocks that pointed out of the ocean. The drop was maybe 30 feet to the beach. He saw a young couple sitting on one of the blunter rocks, enjoying the nighttime waves that crashed below them. They were huddled together, enjoying some drink and speaking softly to each other.

Ivy turned his attention away from them and faced the sparkling Pacific that stretched out for miles in front of him. This area had no boats disrupting the water, and the waves' presence was subtle, like the wind that blew around the bottom of his long coat. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, inhaling the salty air that abused his memories. He left the presence beside him before he saw it heard it.

"Hey," the shadow said.

"Hey," Ivy echoed.

"I thought you didn't like beaches?"

"I don't. I just found myself here…thinking," Ivy said.

"You mean trying not to." Ivy opened his eyes to look at Leonardo, who stared back at him. His green eyes were wide, and he could see is reflection in them. Tonight, instead of seeing the same color of green in his eyes, he saw black, obsidian eyes.

"Leonardo….please…." Ivy was reluctant to go through this.

"Please what? Ivy, I can see it in your eyes. Everyone can. You never got over it, and until you can come to terms with yourself, you never will."

"What are you saying, Leo?" Ivy asked, his voice rising slightly.

"What do you think I'm saying? You need to stop regretting what you did and realize that what's done is done. You're torturing yourself over something that could have happened to any one of us –"

"Does that make it right?" Ivy snapped back. "Just because it could have happened to anyone, does that justify what I did?"

"No, Ivy, far from it," Leonardo retorted. "Nothing justifies murder, especially for us. I understand the pain you went through- the pain you're going through, but you can only weep for so long. I won't lie, it was your mistake. You let her go. I know you could see they good thing in front of your eyes, and by ignoring it, you enabled her to die. But you're letting your emotions get in the way of living."

"I wouldn't be alive if someone hadn't gotten in the way of my life!" Ivy snarled. "I wouldn't have gone through any of this. I didn't want to be immortal, to be this!"

"Neither of us did, but if you really wanted death, Ivy, you would have fallen on the knife long ago. Nothing hurts more than love, but you have to get past it. I want you to be happy, Ivy. We all pay the price for our mistakes, and you've been paying for yours for too long now." Ivy looked away, frustrated and pained by the conversation. "Look at me." Leonardo ordered softly. He took Ivy's chin and turned his face towards his own. Ivy looked once again into Leonardo green eyes and saw honesty and hurt. "I want to see your eyes shine again. Stop shutting everything up inside yourself; just go and remember. You'll feel better after you do. Trust me. Please."

"What are you saying this for? Have you suddenly become my therapist?" Ivy asked bitterly.

"No, Carmine," Leonardo replied somberly, taking his hand away from Ivy's face. "I'm saying this because I care. And because I'm your brother." Then he turned and disappeared, leaving Ivy alone once again.

Ivy sighed, all the anger and bitterness deflating, and bowed his head. Leonardo had always been the smarter one, the stronger one, and nothing he said right now had been false. But saying things and doing them were sometimes two different issues, and the latter required more will power.

Ivy pushed away from the rail and began to walk along the narrow path of the cliff. The wind picked up, blowing his hair around. It had been so many years go, nearly one hundred and fifty, but to one like him it didn't seem like much. Ivy had been walking this earth for nearly seven hundred years.

He thought back to his brother's words. He had called him Carmine, the name that he had let no one call him since he had left London. 'Nothing hurts more than love'…The statement was true but a contradiction upon itself, for it was also the best thing that Ivy had experienced. Just go and remember …Ivy came to a curve in the path, and there was a bench. He sat down slowly and dropped his head into his hands. Remember...

"I will remember," Ivy said to himself. "I will remember and I will be free."