It's a crying shame (and I'm crying …shame)

How much you affected me

Without ever giving me your affection.

When I looked at you, all I saw was the picture that you painted

The one that hid everything that you really were.

Did you look at me? Did you see anything before you

Besides a face with tears and scars?

There was more to me than that.

I was struggling to reach that level of perfection

That I knew was just beyond my stretch

Ignoring that my heart knew that you were laying out all your deception

For me to gobble up; they were just petty problems

But there was more to it than that.

I was wanting you to want me as I am

And not as I could be; I was tired

Of being changed by another and being made better

The affair was all but torture and you didn't realize

That there was more to it than that.

There's nothing wrong anymore

You left, and I went a separate way,

I'm more than alive now, I'm living

I've got your burdens off my back,

There's no more to it than that.