He has a way with words
That she just can't believe.

The way his tongue moves,
All she can do is wait patiently
Until he is done.

Lying in bed next to her,
She can feel the warmth of his body, but

Inside she is cold,
All she can feel is an emptiness that just won't go away.

There's something missing,
And all it does is eat away at her
Until there's nothing left to consume.

The numbers cut through the darkness,
Keeping her awake,
Keeping her eyes wide.

Finally he is silent,
With only his breathe to show that he is still alive.
A heart beat
Moving through the air.

She watches him with no idea how to feel,
She no longer remembers her regrets,
She has nothing left to feel
For the body next to her own.

When she speaks, when he listens
She tells him nothing of the way she feels
Or the way she feels nothing.
She merely speaks to fill the time
That he has nothing to say,

Which is never very long.