The dark poison of our soul,

Let the wonderful feeling let lose,

Let it take control,

Laugh and giggle,

Scream and shout,

I get sick to my stomach,

Watching every one's real self come out,

They may tell you one thing,

They may tell you another,

And, indeed, I am a sinner,

But I don't want to be like the others,

I watch with silent wonder,

As every one continues this madness,

It truly intrigues my mind,

Is every one's life really filled with this much sadness?

I take pity,

This kindness has all but stayed within,

But I feel no warmth,

Let them all drop onto the floor,

Quivering like fish with no fins,

I hate this,

They are such a disgrace,

Why do they do these things?

They're is skin falling from their face,

Sick and disgusting,

Twisted and deluded,

I waste no more time with these people,

And take my leave,

Post haste..

Authors Note:

No, I never did drugs. All of my friends were doing drugs at the time, along with my father, and I just got fed up with it. Yes.. this is how I feel about drugs and I have vowed never to do them. Ever.
I think this poem might be misleading..