1As any other day, James rose from his ridiculously comfortable bed to put his already rather in shape physic through more punishment. It wasn't quite an obsession, more of a preferential way of doing things, he liked to sweat and liked to look good. The day always starts with breakfast before the punishment. A small one, some fruit, something along those lines, and then when he returns he gorges himself to supply more energy for the day. Old t-shirt, comfortable shorts, running shoes, these are the uniform for his self inflicted punishment. Mundane stretching after food and dressing begins it all, followed by more push-ups than he would ever admit to and more crunches than any person should do in a week. Then the run, this route begins from the front porch of his house, his white sided, green shuttered, three story(including the basement) looks like everyone else's in town house. Six blocks down Stone Street, the boring, every house identical, every lawn almost perfect, every family carbon copy, all enough to make you want to vomit all over yourself Stone Street. The street sick with boredom empties into the renowned park that gave this town its name. Sleepy Falls, beautiful, unexciting, yet thriving Sleepy Falls. The street was quiet, as usual. A dog may have barked here, a bird may have chirped there, that very dog may have been barking because that robin was chirping. The exhausting run ended at the falls for an hour long swim, which was done at practically Olympic speeds. Everything was usual, even the little children playing in the park. Very plain park, a swing set, a merry-go-round, a see-saw, very plain. One child was sitting inside a little red wagon, her back toward the all black handle. You know, those typical wagons that everyone has, that's the one. Suddenly her playmate decided to pull on the handle of the wagon. She was upset by this and James was watching them. It seemed quite innocent, kids being kids. As he watched, she turned to yell at her male wagon antagonist. It wasn't until her mouth dropped open that James suddenly realized that her body was still facing the direction opposite of that of the boy. Her mouth was gaping and her eyes horridly bleeding. The expression on her face that of terrifying anger. She let off a scream like a banshee. James froze. He stared in stone cold horror as the young boy, from the shoulders down only twisted himself in the opposite direction. He too began to gush crimson life from his eyes and replied to her with a deep roar that could have caused a tiger to whimper into submission. James bowels moved, and his bladder pulsated madly, then he ran. Faster than he had ever run in his life he tore off away from those children. One thing continued to run through his mind,

"That can't have been real, that can't have been real, that can't have been real."