What am I?
I ebb
I flow
From here to there
I am seen in a spider web
And the eyes of a doe

What am I?
I am light
I am dark
And on my quest
Everyone must embark

What am I?I am a cycle
Always starting
And then stopping
Round and Round
A spiral, never ending

What am I?
I am made
And then I fade
Only to start again
In my never ending campaign

What am I?
In the sun's beams I thrive
Yet in the moonlight I flourish as well
In the depths of the ocean I do dive
Yet on the surface my power doth swell

What am I?
I am the air you breathe
All around I do seethe
You open your eyes and see me
Yet, behind closed lids I do dance free

What am I?
Can you guess?
Do you know my name
Or must I confess?
What am I?