Zodiac Dreamer

This blissful, surreal fantasy,
Never was and never will be,
More than a twisted fairytale,
Of a slayed lovers lost dream.
Your serpent drank the life from me,
Coiled itself around my heart;
The vampiric stake that you drove through me,
Tore out my childhood, my kingdom come.
Pain for being play-raped, my aura reversed,
A master of lies, deceit, I believed.
Angel innocence, my heavenly guard,
Judas incarcerated, you placed me on the cross.
I'm stabbed in the back, you're silent no more,
Chains that bound you, Hades set free.
Tainted spirit, I gave you my hand,
Summoned my love, to be banished by betrayal.

A/n: This poem holds a very personal meaning to it. It is about being betrayed by someone who told you they loved you, then did something unforgiveable.