A rotting hand falls to the ground,
A body, never to be found
Pale lips, never to say a word
A silenced voice, never to be heard
A head caved in, disfigured hips
Some empty shells, discarded clips
Some blood spilled on the dusty ground
A body, never to be found
A footprint here, a footprint there
A bloodstain in the shape of a square
Hanging loosely from a broken wrist
The remainder of a shattered fist
Broken twigs lie all around,
A body, never to be found...
A bloody blouse that was torn asunder,
breasts spilling out, images like thunder
Shapely legs that drip out liquids
A body that looks like it's been picked out
From below the navel, no clothing to be found
On this body, never to be found

There was a car with an open door,
but a man got in, it's there no more
Just a sad body left to sag
Neglected of even a body bag
Just a lone body all alone
While a man runs free, with intent to roam
So lock your door up tight tonight
You don't want to suffer a victim's plight
And try to spread the word around
A body, never to be found