"we owe it to ourselves to give it a try"

oh those words speak simplicites to me

but its something easier said than done and

i wish that was a lie (because this feeling

is so new and i dont want to lose it) but it's

such a rashional truth that i want to tear it

syllable from syllable (no)

"we haven't known each other long but this

feeling is so strong" things i don't really

want to say because i hate how real it

is and i feel so ashamed of who i am

and who i could become - and it's odd

because everyday you remind me of him

and i have to keep reminding myself

that this isn't unrequited like before.

and i'm so sorry if i speak out of line but

i just feel so open around you (i'd say naked

but i don't like that choice of words) and you

can read me like a book : because i spell

myself out for you and i'm so u-n-r-e-a-l