Insomnia at Three AM
The Unforgettable Sound
Rating: R

I don't really know what to say here, soo...

"I don't want to!"

"Oh, come on. Your Mom said to make me feel at home, this is what we do,"

"Come on, I already feel dirty from what we did before..."

"Jacob, that was way harsher than this. T hat involved the white gooey stuff,"

"Oh, God, don't remind me. It was sticky and I couldn't get it off the roof of my mouth,"

"Teach you to try to swallow all of it at once..."

"Shut up, Tom,"


"No! It's wrong and gross! Besides, I don't want more gooey white stuff!"

"Would you do it if I handle the gooey white stuff?"

"And the brown stuff too?"

"But--oh, alright. Dammit, I'll handle that, too,"

"Thanks, Tom. Thanks a bunch!"

"You're such a stubborn person to get to make smores..."

"Marshmallow goo pisses me off and chocolate always ends up on my clothes..."

"And I thought the smore ice cream was bad..."

This is the result of my 3 AM boredom. And writer's block. Well...This was random. Oh, excuse spelling mistakes, Microsoft Word doesn't work at the moment...