Once again I find myself writing this story…working on a few more chapters of 'Belt Loops and Support Groups', so expect at least one after this is updated, but I've been thinking about different scenarios for this, so I'm sorry if this sucks, because I did my best. After all, the second one kind of overused the whole point of this, I think. Anyway, Sacred-Phoenix-Nephthys (mostly, cuz, you know, they've asked me the most to continue on this) this is probably the last chapter.

Oh, yeah, and don't expect what you've gotten the last two chapters…

"Mmm…so tired…"

"Christ, Jacob…I wasn't that hard, was I?"

"No…I was tired before we did this,"

"Oh…I'm sorry…."

"Meh, it's not your fault. It was…nice. I've never felt this close to someone. Ever,"



"It was great, Jacob. I've never had better."

"Thanks? Thanks…"

"You're welcome,"

"So I suppose that you'll be going back home soon, huh? Seeing as your uhh…"troop," so to speak, has done their duty,"

"Mmm…I'll come back for you,"

"Promise me?"

"I did today, didn't I?"


"Now come on, I want more,"


"Because I enjoy taking your pants off,"

umm…yeah…there ya go. Sorry if you wanted another one like the other two chapters, but I couldn't think of any like that. XXOO, TUS