I Can Trust You, Can't I? O N E

"Should I get a Vanilla Mocha or a Mocha Carmel?" the honey blonde beside my asked. I just shrugged my shoulders and walked off with my plain double Chocolate Carmel frozen coffee drink and bacon cheese burger. I throw favorite orange and black bag over my shoulder and took a seat at one of the rare empty tables in this place. "Gosh, you're a lot of help, E," she sighed and got a regular frozen coffee.

If you think we're at Starbuck's, you are sadly mistaking. We're at Jo-Ann's. It's a local dinner and the hottest place to hang out at in this slice of upper end suburb heaven. "E," she squeals. I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself or my blonde friend. I'll introduce her first. She's Charity Wilson, Cee,Cee for short. Totally model type; Perfect model straight blonde hair, bright green eyes, 5'11' and 155 lbs. She' thin, but not deathly thin. She turned 20 last month, and has being my best friend since like ever. She's totally naive of her looks and has the lowest self-esteem I've ever seen, but I'll tell that story later.

And my name is Evelynn; yes that's two N's, Marie James. I prefer E, Evee, or Lynn, please. I'm 19 and half. Anyways, I must go through the formalities. I have the blackest hair you have ever seen. It's so black, it's blue, serious, and it's very curly. I'm 5'9, 175 lbs. My body's just as curvy as my hair. I have the weirdest blue eyes. I got them for my deadbeat son-of-bitch Father. They're frightening. They're mix of grey, blue and white. Frightening. I have 2 lip rings in my bottom lip, nose ring, three holes in each of my ears, and seven tattoos.

Cee,Cee and I are completely different in everyway, but we are always there for each other. She's one of the few people I have been able to count on in life. Anyways, I have currently kidnapped Cee,Cee and she staying with me because my mother's away on one of her million business trips. She's somewhere in Europe right now. My mother's vice president of a century old shipping company. Enough about her. Cee,Cee finally found me and sits down. There are two missing out of our little group. My twin brother Ethan and our other friend from high school, Sarah, but you will met them later.

Cee,Cee and I have finished our weekly shopping trip and stopping for something to eat. Cee,Cee currently talking about something, but I'm not paying any attention. I know mean, but she talks a lot and she knows it. Gnarls Barkley "Crazy" suddenly sounds from nowhere. Cee,Cee paused and I grab my Razor phone out my bag.

"What you want, Ethan?"

"Damn, I can't get a 'Hi, Brother. How are you doing today?'" he said.

"No, what do you want? And I have no money for you." I said as I swirl my drink around.

"Gosh, Lynn, that's cold. Who said I was calling for money? Maybe I just want to talk to you," he said in a fake hurt voice.

"Whatever Ethan. What is it?"

"Can you pick me up from work and can I stay with you for a week?"

"Why where is your car at and what's wrong with your apartment?"

"My car is in the shop, my lights are off and I don't get paid until next week," he pleaded with me.

I sighed. I could never refuse that voice. See my brother loves to spend money just as much as he loves women. He couldn't keep water if you hand it to him in a bottle, in a zip lock bag that's in a locked safe with a combination and pad lock. He's completely hopeless, but he has been doing good so far living on his own.

"Okay, I'll be there 10 minutes after your shift end."

"Thanks Evee! You're the best," he said happily.

"See you later, E-Boy" I said with a smile.

"Love you, E-Girl."

"That was Ethan," Cee,Cee asked as she looked in her compact mirror.

"Yes, that needy boy needs a ride and place to stay for the week. I can't believe that boy sometimes. I think he wouldn't survive without me," I said after I finish my drink.

"E, I wouldn't survive without, so what make you think Ethan can?" she said with a half smile.

"I don't know, but let's go, I'm super tired and we have to put all that shit up," I said as I stood with my empty cup and plate. Cee, Cee followed me over to the trash. We walked outside to my mother's brand new SVW. I'm driving it since she is not in the country. I crunk it up and drove to my house. It's not a mega mansion, but it's bigger that the average suburb has. It has three floors. The bottom floor is a full basement with a bedroom and full bathroom. The second floor holds the kitchen, formal dinning and living room, regular dinning room, laundry room and two half bathrooms. The top floor has four bedrooms with three full bathrooms.

Cee,Cee lives two houses down from me on the left side of our street. We pull up in front of my house and carrying everything upstairs to my room. My room is the second largest in the house. It's currently done in red, white, and black. My walls are paint red and white with a large black strip in the middle. My bed is black and white with red pillows. After we empty our bags, we jump back in the car and drive over to Ethan's job. My brother works as a stocker at Home Depot. I have a job too. I'm a bartender at two popular night clubs downtown.

Why do we work, you asked, to prove our mother wrong. To prove her that we can stand our own two feet and we don't need her money. My mother is a royal pain. She wasn't and still isn't the loving type. Ethan standing outside waiting with his favorite duffel bag. Ethan and I look just alike. Same black hair, same blue eyes. He stands 6'2. That's the only difference other than he's a boy. We look exactly like our father. My grandma picks at my mother and said she had nothing to do with the making of us.

Ethan collapses in the back seat. "Ooo, Mother's going to get you. You know your not suppose to drive her shiny, new SUV," Ethan said in the annoying little kid voice.

"Shove it, E, I could give a shit about her rules right now," I said as I turned out the parking lot. When we get back to the house, we all crash down in the basement. We spread out over the couches and watched movies on our overly large 42' plasma TV and surround sound system. Mother just had to buy that TV, I just wanted the sound system. Sarah joined us two hours later around 10. During Spider Man 2, our 4th movie, the house phone rung. Cee,Cee ran to answer it.

"Hello." She said.

"Is Evelynn home?" asked a male voice on the end

"Yes, she here, but she doesn't want to speak to you," Cee,Cee said in an anger voice.

"Come on, Cee,Cee, let me talk to her, damn it!" he demanded.

Cee,Cee pulled the phone from her ear, pissed. "Lynn, it is Austin," she said with disgusted look.

The whole room froze. "Austin?" I asked in a quiet voice.

"Yes, Austin," she said