And it was all that summer madness

In a blazing ray of heat

It doesn't matter that I never saw you

I was blushing in my seat.

It was the messages replacing

That voice inside my head

And though I never heard you

I remember what you said.

It was the hours of conversation

About music, about rain

We took up each others' times

We were sharing different pains.

And the beauty of our co-existence

Ends where it begins

Lustrous secrets that we shared

The will to never the first to give in…

It was snow falling around me

Clouding up my dreams

As I waited so patiently

You came out of your seams…

And the words came without passion

No, they never reached my heart.

They had traveled through so much chaos

We were a thousand miles apart.

It was the promises that came with Christmas

The truths about ourselves

Oh how I wanted those forget-me-nots

Placed on some high up shelf.

Though I never got to see them,

Your point was well made,

And while I was busy with euphoria

You were stolen away.

I sat there in the blankness

Slipping on my neutral mask

But inside I was screaming

Summer, summer please come back.