Part Four

By: Talyn Gray

Note: unedited


I closed the front door behind me with a defeated sigh and stared at the hardwood floor. Jared. The stupid moron. Aw well, at least he finally got the picture now. The only problem was with Brendon… I knew I still had almost two months for him to like me, but for some reason, today just made me feel like I was going backwards with him.

I was tired of worrying, and decided to let my optimistic side take over. Maybe he was just having a weird day or whatever. Yeah… I was a little annoyed though.

I kicked off my shoes and they hit the sofa with a thud. I heard a funny groaning noise and, curious, I went over to see if my mom was sleeping there. It was odd for her to come home this early though. To tell the absolute truth, I'm starting to forget what my parents look like. My dad works graveyard shift and I really haven't seen his face since…since… wow… I can't even remember. My mom's a doctor-pharmacist-nurse-lab technician-whatever type of person. I really don't know anymore, but she does work at a hospital. But it really isn't like I care that they aren't around at all—at least not anymore. It's been like this for years and I don't mind, plus, I've got the kid brother to take care of.

I peered over the couch and curled my toes, but rolled my eyes when it was just Robby. The kid is such a heavy sleeper. I swear he slept through a tornado once. And an earthquake. And a couple of major storms. That's Robby for you.

I was about to hike up the stairs and fall into my bed into sweet oblivion, but I suddenly felt my butt vibrating and the noise of my ring tone going off. I heaved another sigh and flipped it open without checking caller ID.

"Yeeees?" I asked into the phone. Whoever it was better make it snappy—


--or not.

It was Brendon, and I immediately felt my heart flutter in my chest. "B-Brendon… Hi," I greeted, not really knowing how to act. How was one supposed to act in such an odd situation like this? There was a long silence that followed, and I wondered if he'd hung up. "Brendon? You there?"

"Uh… yeah," he answered.


"Is there something you need?"

I could almost see him raking a hand through his hair in contemplative silence before finally saying, "I… realized something. Can we talk?"



The words no one ever really wants to hear! What do I do?! Does he want to break off the three month deal? Has he realized that he'll never love or like me for who I really am? WHAT DAMMIT! I want to know! Was he going to…what was he going to do? Was he going to leave town and run away with some hussy like Ashley and go to apartments and live a life of complete—

Whoa, slow down, self. God. Don't get ahead of yourself. Maybe when guys say those stupid words it's… I don't know… maybe it doesn't mean what I think it means?

"…Tea? Are you there?"

"I… yeah…"

"Open your door."


"Open your front door."


"Just do it."

I bit my lip and said, "Ok… hanging up now." I closed the phone and walked back towards the front door and peered through the peep hole. It was pointless; I kept forgetting that there was something growing in there and I couldn't see. But I pretty much knew that Brendon was on the other side. If I opened the door, would it be like swinging open a can of worms? What would he say? Maybe I could pretend I wasn't home… but he already knew that I was.

I gulped, bracing myself to be ready for anything (course, that was impossible), and opened the door.

He stood there just as a cold breeze past by. He was holding his phone clasped in one hand to the side, and stared down at me with those clover green eyes. There was something different about him in that moment that I couldn't explain. His cheeks were flushed and his hair windblown as if he'd just run over here. But there was something undeniably… raw about the moment that just screamed at me.

"Tea," he began, his voice breathy, "I…"

He took a step forward and closed the door behind him. I saw his Adam's apple slowly contract as he swallowed. I raised an expectant eyebrow, but my knees were buckling. Instead of allowing him to say anything else, I found myself asking, "What's with you?" My tone was sharper than I intended, but I didn't apologize for it. After all he'd put me through I felt I was just a wee bit justified.

Instead of saying anything, he took another step towards me and lifted a hand to lightly graze my jaw. Uhm… what?

Brendon smiled a little, his eyebrows drawing together. I thoroughly bewildered, and only got even MORE bewildered when he said, "I'm sorry."

"Huh?" was my intelligent response. He reached forward and grabbed my hand before gently caressing it with the pads of his thumb. The soft gesture sent chills down my spine. He pulled me forward and wrapped his arms around my waist. Oh. My. God. Was this really happening? What..? Wasn't he being just a tad mean during school? Why was he…?

"I'm sorry, Tea…" he murmured. What was he sorry for? "I'm sorry I made you wait so long for me to finally realize this… I'm sorry for all the grief I caused you." I blinked. He'd just thrown me into an ocean of confusion, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from his. "Tea…" God I love the way he says my name. I stared up at him and he looked down at me with the softest look I'd ever seen. Was that…? Could he…? Darn you Brendon, you make me not think comprehensibly when I'm with you. Course I do that on my own anyway, but still…

"Brendon," I finally said hoarsely, "What are you doing?"

He had somehow managed to sneakily snake his arms around my waist and hips, and I was currently wrapped up in his warm body. The scent of him made me dizzy with ecstasy, Brendon was like a drug for me and I felt so… I can't describe how I felt. My thoughts became sluggish as I stared up into his eyes.

I'd forgotten about the question I'd just asked, but he answered it by softly landing his lips on mine.


My breath caught and I gasped as he pulled away momentarily; our eyes met once more before our lips met again and I melted into a complete puddle of bliss. It was like electricity was sparking between us, and it made my heart race rapidly against his. Brendon's arm's tightened around me, and I prayed that if this was a dream I would never wake up. Was this really HAPPENING?

I could tell it was hard for him since he was at least a foot taller than me, and I tried to make the burden easier by going in my tip toes. I felt him smile before gently suckling on my lower lip, sending shivers down my spine. My mouth opened and I felt his tongue slide tepidly between my lips. Oh my god, this is really happening, wasn't it? Am I really kissing him right now? Is he really kissing me?

And let me tell you, I've kissed my fair share of guys, and Brendon tops all of them by at least a million percent. Not only that, but the feel of his body against mine, oooooh… I could just melt. I could feel his chest and stomach muscles rippling, and I really, really, really wanted to just have more of him.

Brendon broke the delicious kiss and trailed feather light lips down my jaw and my neck. I trembled; my body quaking. His breath was warm and moist against my skin and he delicately nibbled my ear before uttering the words I'd been yearning to hear for years. "…I love you…"

"Brendon," I breathed, "…tell me this isn't a dream. Oh, please tell me it's not a dream…"

"It's not a dream," he confirmed hoarsely, moving up to kiss me on the forehead. He looked down at me, and my feet became flat on the ground again. I put my arms around him, hooking them so that my palms were on his shoulders. "I really… I never realized it before…" he said incomprehensibly. But somehow, I understood, and felt the butterflies in my body flutter all over again. "I love you, Tea." He lifted a hand and gently brushed away some hair. After so long… he was finally looking at me the way I wanted him to. Finally…

I slid my arms around his neck and kissed him again. It felt so nice to finally act on those feelings I had and have them reciprocated. It felt so surreal, and I still didn't know if I was living in a dream. "I love you," I told him with a goofy grin. "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you…"

I knew teenagers always professed their undying love for each other when it was merely lust or infatuation. But there was something about him… something about him that I knew was real. My feelings for him had burned through me for so long, it wasn't just lust, but love. People would call me silly, but being wrapped up in him now… all the warmth and happiness… the way he looked at me… there was nothing else it could be but love.

"Ewwww… don't get all hot and heavy in front of me!" came the sudden voice of Robby, and both of us turned to face my little brother, who had a look of pure horror on his face. It seemed like he'd just woken up. "God Tea, at least go upstairs!" his voice squeaked and I couldn't help but laugh. "Like… yuck. I SO did NOT want to see that….ew…"

Brendon laughed and let go of me, as I did him. "Robby, you're so stupid," I told him with a sigh.

"Roberto, sis, you keep forgetting," he corrected. I rolled my eyes. Stupid boy always wanted to sound eroti—COUGH—exotic. I mean exotic. Yeah.

I then turned back to Brendon, not really knowing what to. Finally, I let the first thing that came to my head fly out of my mouth, "Do you want anything to drink?"

It was a little odd to act so normal—if I were acting on what I felt, I'd be jumping up and down and screaming for all I was worth. But of course I had to repress those feelings… otherwise Robby'd probably send me to a mental institution. He smiled and said, "Whatever you'll have."

"HEY! What about me?"

"You can get your own."

"I'll get it," Brendon volunteered. "What do you want?"

Robby narrowed his eyes, but answered, "Pepsi."

Brendon followed me into the kitchen, and we heard my little brother turn the TV on. I rolled my eyes again. "I'm sorry about him," I said. Was this where I woke up?

He said nothing and I grabbed some cups from the cabinet. I was about to turn around to go to the refrigerator, but stopped when I felt Brendon's arms wrap around me from behind. My heart immediately skipped a beat and he rested his chin on the top of my head. "You're so cute," he told me. I started to bristle at the comment out of habit, but then he said, "And I love you for it."

Oh boy…

This really is heaven.

The End…right?



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