Light comes out as the dawn begin

I open my eyes

I feel the heat with in my soul

I know they all aren't lies

I carry my way throughout the day

I walk out side that door

I see the sun I feel the heat

And then

I see you

I see you there in front of me

Silent as the stone you are

Your pale white skin, blue-sky eyes

You are here with me, yet I feel you so far

I smile and greet you

You say nothing and walk away

The snow falls soundlessly on your bare skin

Yet you give it no care

I look at you

You look back at me

I silence

You glare

I say nothing

You glare

I could never understand you

You know me so well

I wish some times if you'd speak to me

But all you do is glare

I look at the sky, so blue and clear

Then I look at you so pale and bare

The breeze blows softly among the space

But it doesn't seem that you even care

Your naked feet on that white cold snow

Nothing but old blue jeans

I don't know what you've been through but

I know how much hurt for you it means

Your golden hair, your thick dark lines

Your bruises scares and cuts

I may not know what your past is, but I only know the dreams

The things that haunt you day and night

The things you hate the most

Thus I have no idea what they are to you

They seems to be nothing to you but ghosts