A/N: Hello all! This is my first attempt at a story that contains more than one chapter. xP It might still be rather short so forgive me for that. The story has just begun, the next chapter should be a lot more interesting, if I manage to write it out the way I imagined it. ;

At any rate, enjoy!

Summer Truths

It was just the beginning of my summer holidays in this new area which I had been forced to call "home". Surprisingly, things were going well. I had met a bunch of new friends who'd I've already had many fun experiences with. I thought that nothing could go wrong. I was finally away from that boring suburban hometown that I had lived in for the past 13 years. Everything was different but it felt nice, like nothing could go wrong. How very mistaken I was.

Another lazy day of the holidays spent lounging about inside. Nothing interesting had happened the whole day but I was perfectly fine with that, more time to relax. I lazily tapped away at my keyboard, chatting to my fellow lazy teenagers. Innocently enough, another "ding" and an orange light appeared. It was a message from one of the first people to befriend me. Cynthia.

Cynthia was a nice enough person. She had a fun, if not sometimes childish, personality. Cynthia was also a part of a group of five girls who most outsiders would consider being the "Popular girls" to say it nicely. To say it not-so-nicely, "The Preps", "The Mean Girls", "The Bitches" of the school. The not-so-nice version was my first impression of them, seeing as I was new at school and they didn't exactly treat me in a welcoming manner. I soon softened up to them though and they seemed like nice people who just wanted to have a bit of fun.

The other four girls were, Jessica, Gabby, Melanie and Kim.

"Purity!!!" that was the message waiting for me when I clicked on that annoying orange window. Most people would be surprised by a message like that, replying with something like, "What??" or "O.o?" Not me though, I was used to it. My annoying hippy-like parents thought giving me an interesting name like "Purity" was cool.

"Hey", I replied. "Hello" would have sounded too formal and "Hi" might sound really cheerful. "Hey" was always the good choice for a teenager. Yup.

"Guess what?" she typed speedily, obviously excited for some reason.

"Err...what?" I replied, bracing myself for a report on which random guy likes her.

What followed was a more serious conversation than I thought I would ever have with her which also shattered my perspective of what I thought of my new found friends.