I'm thirsty from doing the work
That some else is supposed to do
(But it adds variety, so I'm not
complaining--except that
I think my toes might fall off...).

I'm shaking and dizzy from...
Lack of something essential
(But who knows what).

I'm disturbed and bewildered from
The dream I had last night
(and I don't have anyone to tell

That picture in the hall makes
My heart skip a beat
And my stomach jump
(Especially in conjunction with
the dream).

Something is making me sneeze.

And I feel like I could pass out
(Which mightn't be half bad;
Bring it on).

Could I have some water?
Could I have a nutritional meal?
What happened next?
When will I see you (what will happen next)?
Could I have a tissue?
Can I take an extra long break?

I get off in three hours.
Can I have a time machine?