My number is 1000155431AFSL. I am the one known as Kami. I am an A.A.S.S.H., an Artificially Animalistic Synthetically Spliced Human. And I am a mistake.

It was the day we were to be released. I remember it well, even though at the time, I really didn't understand anything. The day of release is when all of the defective A.A.S.S.H. are given away for free to anyone who would take us. We were unfit for sale or order. We were to go with any human that would take us. We can refer to them as human, because we are not quite what they are. Humans are born and we, we were created. A.A.S.S.H. are different from humans, we have to be connected to machines until we were awoken, bought, or released. They keep us healthy, they make us smart, these computers, they told us everything we needed to know, but as soon as we left them we could not be reconnected. This was a failsafe that the C.A.S.H.C.I made to ensure that the computers could not hurt us, and try to take over humanity like the androids did years ago. They didn't want to let the 'ghosts' back out.

I was a 7-mixed, meaning that my group was created to be of seven years of age, and that we were of varied species and gender.

We didn't even know who we were, but the humans who made us did. On the white robes that we were all dressed in was our number, and on our wrists were plastic bracelets that had the codes that made us up on it. They could tell, but who we were, or if we had a purpose, to us - it was undecided. Logically, we could be whoever our owners wanted us to be or whatever they wanted.

My eyes were still closed as the computer downloaded instructions into my brain. It was telling me to find anyone who wanted me, to go past any one who stood in my way. Find someone – for if I failed, destruction was my consequence. It was informing me that when I was cued to open my eyes that I should go forward through the doors into the white light beyond. The data stopped pulsing through my synapses and I was left to the void of my own thoughts.

A sudden pulse and an image came to the front of my mind. A very tall man, dressed in a brown over coat, white dress shirt, black tailored pants, and what appeared to me as dress shoes. He wore round glasses, further down the bridge of his nose than the normal human would have; his eyes appeared to be a sort of shocking emerald green. But it was his hair attracted me the most; it was blond, and falling past his shoulder blades. Why was the computer showing me this image? I supposed this was the person I was supposed to find when I awoke. I tried to memorize it, only to find my mental human map gone.

Suddenly I knew the time had come, I opened my eyes and there they were – the doors standing wide open with that blinding white light. I did as I was told, as my instincts told me, and I rushed forward.