Hi there!
Ok listen up!!!!!!!!!
If you do not like depressing fics DO NOT READ ON!!!!!!!!!!
I repeat: do NOT read on!!
You have been warned!

I don't know why I decided to write this down, especially since it was two o' clock in the morning. But I was feeling a bit depressed, thanks to my subconcius part of my brain.
So if you want to blame anything for this fic, blame my nightmares coz this is where all this came from.
Anyway, if you read and do not like this fic/poem thing, please do not flame me. It is all from my mind, I have not stolen any characters, so I have not comitted any crime!
Here ya go!

Where Am I Going?

How could I have said those things?
Were we all that bad?
We couldn't have been that unstable
Our friendship was a little shaky at times
But it's never been this dire
Why did I storm out like that?
Where am I going?
Are these tears of joy or sorrow running down my face?
I push my foot further down on the accelerator.
If the police catch me now, I'm done for.
Fifty, sixty no, seventy miles along a town road.
There's the main road
The accelerator is pushed down further
One hundred, one-twenty, one-thirty.
The wind is blowing in the crack in the window,
Sounding like a hurricane
Where am I going?
I see the cloud and it starts to rain
Light at first, then heavier
The lightening starts and then the shallow rumble of thunder
The light is amazing
A bolt hits the lone tree at the side of the road
The cattle flee
What's their problem?
It's not that deadly,
Is it?
The thunder gets louder, along with the wind.
I turn on the radio,
Not loud enough the rumbling still sounds over the music
I turn it up.
The noise is so loud I feel like my eardrums are going to explode.
Where AM I going?
Suddenly the lightening strikes the road in front of me
My foot slams on the brake and the car spins round.
It tips
I can feel the turbulence as the car bounces off of the road and lands again
This is insane!
The car lands upside down
The glass from the windscreen shatters
It cuts my face as I try and shield my eyes
The car is still spinning
I hear the grinding metal as the sparks fly
Everything stops and there is a deafly silence
I try to move my head, but it is too painful
I see your face, you're crying
I didn't hurt you that bad when I left
Did I?
I hear liquid trickling onto the cold ground
I see everything, but nothing really
Shattered glass, broken metal lying a couple of yards away
My bag from the back seat
How did it get outside?
The sparks start up again
I try to think of what is going to happen
I can't
It's just too sore
I black out
Now I know where I am going.

Once again, please don't flame me for my work, but tell me in a nice way what you thought of it.