Goodnight, my angel

Goodnight, my angel

Don't you fear the dark

Nothing can harm you

While you're in my arms

Relax, my angel, now

And try to sleep

I will be here

And never leave your side

I know you're scared

And I know you're lonely

I've come to stay with you

I love you, my angel

You're my shining star

The gentle sweetness

That you always have

You always showed me strength

When you yourself had none

I wish I could show you

The kindness you have given me

And now that you are here

With no one beside you

I'll be the one to carry you

Sleep tight, my angel

Don't you fret no more

I'll keep you close

And never let you go

These things that bring you down

Will soon depart

You will come home again

Someday soon

I know you have lost faith

But you must not give up

Not now, with the end so near

Goodbye, my angel

You will feel no more

This painful torment

Will hurt you no more

I hope to God

That you are safe and warm

And now are sheltered

From this life, so cold

I promise I will not

Weep bitter tears

I miss you now

But I will not mourn

You loved your life with zeal

I wish I could compare

Heaven will be blessed

To have a soul like you