By: StrugglingAngel

It is finally here. This night that she has lived for, waited for, longed for, hoped for. So long had this been denied to her because of who she is, but no more. The others have gone. No one would stop them. No one could stop them.

His soft smile and rough hands shield her from the breeze that tries to wrap its icy arms around her. She shivers delicately and secretly smiles as he pulls her closer. None of her father's comfort could compare to his arms. Her mother's sweetest perfume could never be as sweet to her senses as the smell of his masculinity.

His voice murmurs quietly in her ear, suggesting a return to her home before the way became too difficult to navigate by horse. A suggestion? No! No more than the words of the Creator in the Above are mere suggestions. Whatever he says, she will do, as it always has been and always will be.

Together they dine in the small eating room. She hungers, but not for the tender lamb upon her silver plate. More wine? No need for she is already drunk with the pleasure of his presence.

Warmth flushes through her body, concentrating in her cheeks. Had he noticed? Probably so. Nothing ever escapes his notice when he is near her. Did his gaze linger on her a little longer than usual? Was his smile a bit different, hungrier? Oh, she hopes so. Creator let it be so.

Her arm laced loosely through his, they travel through the labyrinth of halls and stairwells toward the fulfillment or destruction of her dream.

He goes in first, as always, to make sure no one lurks behind the door, and as always, he stands guard while she bathes. By the whitewood bed post he stands while she brushes her hair to a wet sparkle. She would be willing to swear that his eyes were fixed on her shoulder when her strap slips out of place. She leaves it there, teasing him, tempting him.

Her mane shined, she turns to him, smiling, thanking him for a wonderful day. He smiles as she approaches, using a calloused finger to replace the strap on her shoulder. She wraps her arms around him, relishing the feel of her breasts nestled against his shirt. She waits to hear his quiet wishes for pleasant dreams and a good night, but they do not come. In their place comes a kiss so soft that for a moment she wonders if it was her imagination. Another firmer kiss follows, and her heart soars as his arms tightens around her. Here he is, this man that she loves, doing things they had been forbidden to do. But how can they forbid something that is so sweet, so pure?

His fingers run through her hair and down her back, coming to rest lightly on her hips. Abruptly, he pulls away and moves toward the door. She grabs his hand, sending a questioning look his way. The older man's face holds a hint of desire, but more of restraint. He kisses her hand and leaves her standing there alone in the ashes of her dreams.

In the night, the sound of the door opening and closing rouses her from a restless sleep. Her hand slides underneath the cream pillow, gripping the hilt of her short knife as the shadow looms closer. A hand reaches out, and with a calculated move, she strikes. An iron grip clamps around her wrist, and her name comes in a sweet whisper to her ears. She exhales slowly, letting the knife drop to the covers. Even then the hold on her hand remains, only loosening. With her other, she pulls him closer to her, sighing as his lips once again find hers.

With the strength of his upper body, he lowers her back to the bed. His hand releases her and pulls the strap of her white silk nightgown down to her elbow. Her ample breast exposed, his lips descend, his strong fingers gently kneading the others. She moans softly, holding him closer, needing him closer.

Her gown is pulled over her slender hips. His warm fingertips feel cool against her hot skin as he lifts her leg to allow him room to move between. His clothed hips jerk forward, and she lets out a loud gasp. She finds the hem of his shirt and begins to tug it over his head. He chuckles softly, deep, thundering vibrations, and removes it for her. Her eyes and hands run over his arms and down his chest to the top of his pants. He takes both of her hands in one of his, pinning them above her head. Their lips meet again, his tongue slipping expertly through her parted lips.

He pulls her up against him, his strong arm holding her still while her gown flutters to the floor. In the darkness she sees him smile as his eyes commit her every curve to memory. Her hands slowly begin to untie the lace of the barrier that keeps him from her. He pushes her down to the soft covers, the last piece of clothing covering her joining the gown on the floor.

He leans over her, kissing her lightly before sending his lips downward through the valley of her breasts and over her bellybutton, coming to rest over her innocence. He nudges her legs apart, allowing her plenty of time to object. No objections are raised, and so he gives his tongue its first taste of honey. He smiles at her breathy moan and the way her hips buck slightly. He seeks her fleshy stem, and when he finds it, he begins to suck it gently yet eagerly. Her head presses down against the pillow, the bed sheets collecting in her fists. A thin film of sweat coats her body as she reaches unimaginable temperatures. Her heart disintegrates into nothing, and a white hot sun blazes in its pace, sending liquid pleasure rushing through her veins. She rocks to his rhythm, her thighs squeezing his broad shoulders as she moves. His hands grip her hips, and when she pushes up, he slides down and forward. He can't suppress his own quiet moan of pleasure as she lets out a winded cry. His tongue slithers in farther at her command, and the river begins to flow. He drinks her as a thirsty man would water, his own desire growing by the moment.

Something longer and firmer than his tongue moves inside her. Her hips begin to push more firmly against him, and as his pace quickens, so does hers. A liquid hot pressure builds around her entry, and, at his urging, she lets it burst. She hears a loud scream, but can't connect the sound to her body going rigid from shock and pleasure.

His lips caress her neck, allowing her time to catch her breath and regain control of her body. Her lips adorning his shoulder tell him that it is finally time. He gently frees himself from her arms and releases himself from his restraints.

Her eyes widen at the sight of his body. Fear and doubt creep into her, but are quickly vanquished with his next kiss. He rests lightly against her, whispering soft words of reassurance when she begins to tremble. He shifts slightly, and she feels him there. He once again pulls her arms over her head, entwining his fingers with hers. Her eyes find his, filled with uncertainty. His lips brush hers and once again, he murmurs soft assurances. She gives a hesitant nod, and he presses forward. She whimpers softly, biting her lower lip. His voice fills her ears, telling her to concentrate on his words. She lifts her eyes to his, and he kisses away the tears that fall. Suddenly, his hips thrust forward. She lets out a scream that is quickly muffled by his kiss. He holds her close to him, murmuring quiet words of comfort. Her warm tears run down his chest as she struggles against the momentary pain. He starts to rock gently against her. Her whimpers accompany him at first, but soon they change to soft moans. Her legs wrap around him as he gives himself over completely to his desire.

Her cries of endless pleasure fill the room as he fills her with himself. At his whispered instruction her hips begin to meet his, and his moans join hers.

They move together, breathe together in perfect unison. His lips decorate her chest with supple kisses; her fingers decorate his back with long gashes. Their pulsing rhythm becomes more frantic as they both feel the beginning of the end. He rolls over to his back and with hands on hips, he guides her motions. She moves uncertainly at first, but with his continued patience with her inexperience, she quickly catches on. He groans as she squeezes him inside her, her eyes going wide at the tidal wave she feels approaching. He moans again, louder this time, and flips her on her back. He pushes harder, faster, deeper, her moans escalating with his growing aggression. A primal growl bursts from him as she squeezes him impossibly tight inside her and cries out her release. He goes a little longer before his long body stiffens over her and a warmth rushes within her.

The echo of her scream dies away, and he collapses against her, planting kisses all over her face. Her fingers run up and down his sweat-slick body as she sighs contentedly. He rolls off her, pulling her onto his chest. She falls asleep there, listening to his whispered promises of his eternal presence and love.