Bronmir, A planet created by the four Element Gems long ago. The Element Gems are very powerful gems that hold element powers in them. The element, Earth, was placed in an agate color gem. The water element went into a turquoise gem, and the wind and fire elements went into a jade and coral gem. All the gems were placed in the Temple of Creations, which was protected by the very powerful kingdom, Agrona.

All was at peace until a large group of rebels formed. They thought the Agrona Kingdom had too much power while having the gems in their possession. So, they turned against the kingdom and everyone who agreed with them having the gems, they started a war, The War of the Element Gems, the war that was said to end the world…..

…..and it did. Everyone died, except for one person….the princess of Bronmir. The Princess took the element gems and she created a new planet a planet in which she called….


The Princess hid the gems so history would never repeat itself. She put the agate gem in the Earth, coral gem in a volcano, turquoise gem in the deep ocean, and the jade gem in the skies. And along with the new planet she created Stones that were powerful but not as strong as the gems. The Stones had powers of things that happen on Earth. This Stones could be found anywhere. The Princess thought everything would be fine until an ancestor of the leader of the rebels starts taking the gems and stones and the Princess must summon the child of destiny…. Kumiko Yamamoto.