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Masuyo grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close to him and we…

I woke up in a panic. I looked around to see the princess we were I was in the same place we meet last time.

"Sorry to interrupt your dream Kumiko-chan, but I must speak to you about something important."

"Oh, it's fine. What do you need to talk to me about." I said sliding off my bed, which was floating like me and her, and I bowed to her since that's what I heard you do to Queens and Princesses.

"I know that you got the Fire Gem now, which is very good, but I sense that something is not right."

"Well, I just found out that I have a twin brother that could be it."

"No. It's something bad. The Wind Gem was been found…but not by Arli."

"Gosh. It seems like she already knew everything…even about Levi."

"Well…like I said it could be my brother Levi."

"Hm. Maybe. When you're at school try to find out…"

Suddenly my eyes began to shut and I was going back to the real world.


I turned my alarm clock off and got up to stretched. After I was done I brushed my hair and teeth and went to go eat some cereal.

When I went into the kitchen my dad was drinking some coffee, reading the newspaper.

He looked up and faintly smiled at me. I could tell he was still thinking about yesterday.

"…Good morning. Um, your bagel is on the counter."

"Oh I was going to make some cereal but…ok."



"Gosh. I don't like this silence, but I'm still kind of angry that he didn't tell me about Levi…and Levi…he doesn't even know I'm his sister…"

"…Hey, Kumiko…I was thinking a lot last night…and if you like you can ask Levi over for dinner today…"

"Hm…" I thought for a moment. "Yea, sure!"

A smile lit across my dad's face.


I finished my bagel and walked to school.

When I was about to walk into the school someone threw there arms around me from behind.

"Morning Kumiko-chan!" said Masuyo.

He got to my side with his arm around me.

"Oh, morning Masuyo. How are you feeling?"

"A lot better!"

Masuyo seemed happier then usually. Something must have happen.

"Hm. That's good."

"Kumiko!" Some one shouted from behind me.

I turned to see Sayuri and Levi.

"Hm. Maybe Sayuri's not mad at me anymore."

When Sayuri walked up she gave me a small smile.

We then walked together to our classes.

After school everything seemed to be ok with me and Sayuri. But me and Masuyo needed to find out if Levi had powers like us.

"Hey Levi and Kumiko, you want to come over my house to hang out?" Masuyo asked as we walked home.

"Um, well my Dad wanted Levi to come have dinner with us."

"Well, it's only who a little while." Masuyo said with a wink to remind me that we had to see if Levi had powers like me.

"Well, Kumiko since it's only for a little while, why not?"

"Um okay, Sayuri do you want to come too?"

"Um, sure why not…but is it okay with you, Masuyo?"

Masuyo was about to say no till I lipped the words, "We can trust her," to him.

"I guess its okay with me." Masuyo said with a faint smile.

When we got to Masuyo's house me and him didn't really know how to ask if Levi had powers without sounding like psychos.




"Hey, Kumiko and Masuyo…if you don't mind me asking…were did you get those gems?"

I had kept the Water Gem as a bracelet and Masuyo kept the Fire Gem and turned it into a necklace like Arli.

"Oh, um, we just found them and turned them into jewelry…why?"

"…Well because I found one to." Levi pulled a green gem out of his pocket.

"The Wind Gem!" Masuyo and I gasped.

"I found it in my cousin's room with a book…you know about the gems too?" Levi said

"Yes, of course, I'm the Child of Destiny and Masuyo's my protector."

"So there two Childs of Destinies? I don't get it."

"…Well, Levi, the reason there are two is because you're my brother. That's why my Da- I mean our Dad wanted to have you over for dinner…so we could tell you. Our parents didn't have enough money to support two kids and that's why they put you up for adoption."

"…I don't believe it…" Levi stared at the floor for a moment.

"We have the same birthday and same last name…I'm sorry…"

"I'm so happy now!" Levi threw his arms around me and gave me a big hug.

"I have always wanted to know who my birth parents were and if I have siblings…and know I know…I'm so happy now! Thank you sister!"

I let Levi hug me well I sat there dumbly.

"GR! WHAT'S GOING ON?" Sayuri said jumping up from her seat. "First you guys are talking about magical gems and now you guys are related! This is so confusing…I'm going home."

Sayuri stomped out of Masuyo's house and we laughed.

"Ha, ha, we forgot to explain to her." Masuyo said laughing still.

"Ha, I'll tell her tomorrow then."

"Kumiko he should be leaving now."

"Hm…yea we should…bye Masuyo." I said with a wave.

Masuyo walked us to the door and then we walked to my house.

When we got there my Dad welcomed his son home with a big hug.

For the first time in a long time I saw my Dad cry. For the rest of the day till Levi left we looked at photos of my mother, Dad, and me and Levi, that I have never seen before. We were just new born in the pictures.

After Levi left I went to sleep and had a dream about the town.

"Masuyo! Sayuri! Levi! Dad! Anyone!" I ran around my now ruin town looking for someone.

The town was completely dead. The building had all collapsed and the Earth…it was dying!

I kept running till I tripped and fell to the ground. My eyes began to water and I started to cry.

Suddenly I heard someone's foot steps.

I looked up to see Arli and…Emma!

They looked down at me and laughed. They slowly floated up and they had all the gems with them.

I stood up and looked around. The Earth was dying. The ground had turned black and it was getting harder and harder to breathe.

I began to panic. I couldn't breathe…I couldn't breathe…I was dying with the Earth.

I suddenly woke screaming, "Masuyo!"

I looked around and I was there again…in the Dream World I called it now since I always seemed to go there when I was sleeping. It was white and I was floating like before

I then felt someone put there arms around and whisper, "its okay, Kumiko, I'm here."

I turned to see Masuyo standing in front of me.

"How did you know?"

"I heard you scream my name so I brought us here."

"Oh, Masuyo, the dream I had…it was terrible the town…it…" I began to shake.

Masuyo pulled me into a tight hug. I felt safe.

"Kumiko, you look beautiful." Masuyo said looking deep into my eyes.

"Oh my gosh…it's just like my dream."

"Masuyo, I really like you."


Masuyo grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close to him and we kissed.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was in my room lying on my bed.

I smiled brightly and jumped out of bed to go to school.

When I got to school and went to first period everyone was staring at me and my big smile.

"What happened to her" Levi asked Sayuri.

"Something very good I'm guessing."

"Ok class today I have a big announcement. We are going to have a play and then after a dance!"

Everyone in the class jumped and yelled, "YEAH!"

"Okay class, calm down, I have already picked the roles for our play… Forbidden Love!"

The class got quiet.

"Forbidden Love is about a good princess falling in love with an evil prince. They live on a small planet that's split into two sides…the Archs (good) and the Volcers (evil). The Volcers want to rule the whole planet so they are going to go to war with the Archs. But in one of the battles both the Archs queen and the Volcers king die, so they must have there daughter and son take the throne but when they meet they start to slowly fall deeper and deeper in love!"

"…Cool!" The classed yelled.

"Ok here are the roles so listen up everyone, The Queen of the Archs is Sayuri."

"Yes!" Sayuri jumped for joy right out of her seat.

"The King of the Volcers is Levi, The Princess of the Archs is Kumiko, and the Prince of the Volcers is…Arli. Everyone else you can come up and check by yourselves, okay?"

I looked over at Masuyo and he seemed some what sad that he was not my prince. I just hope that Arli and I didn't have to kiss.

"Um Miss Mawata, can I see the script."

"Here you go, Miss Princess." Miss Mawata said handing me the script.

I flipped through it and…

"NO!" I threw the script on the ground in disgust.

"What is it Kumiko-chan?" Sayuri asked.

"I-I have to kiss Arli!"

Arli walked over to me.

"Well what's wrong with that, you have a crush on me so it shouldn't be a problem right?" Arli asked putting his foxy face close to mine.

"Well-um…" I turned my back to him and began to blush.

"Oh come on Kumiko, he's your rival now."

I heard him giggle.

He then put his arms around me and whispered in my ear, "Can't wait till that kiss. It's a perfect chance for me to…" He didn't finish but instead he pecked me on the cheek and walked out of the class room right when the bell rang.

I placed my hand were he had kissed me on the cheek.

"What was that about?"

I looked over at Emma and she gave me a dirty look.

"Now what was that about? Wait, what that around her neck? Is that the Wind Gem?"

When school let out and I walked home with Levi and Masuyo. Sayuri had to stay after school for a club.

"Hey Masuyo?"

"Yea, what is it Levi?"

"Can I have a look at the Fire Gem?"

"Yeah sure." He said tossing the Fire Gem at him, "So, Where's the Wind Gem?"

"Well it's right here around my ne-," Levi felt around his neck and then cheek his pockets.

"Don't tell me you los- ARGH!" Masuyo fell to the ground after a gust of strong wind hit him from behind.

"Masuyo!" I leaned down over him and then looked up to see Emma.

"Emma what do you think your doing?"

Emma smiled and called to someone hiding behind a bush.

Arli stepped out from behind the bush.

He smiled at me and made a kiss face at me.

"You disgusting pig!" I yelled at him.

Emma walked beside him and transformed. She wore black dress with the wind symbol on it, which seemed to fit her very well.

"Oh my dear princess that's not very nice."

Emma raised her hand and yelled, "Winda!"

I gust of wind shot out at me but Levi jump on top of me and we fell to the ground and the gust of wind barely missed us.

"Sister, take Masuyo back to your house. I'll take care of this." Levi took the Fire Gem from me and transformed. We wore a red and white robe.

I quickly put Masuyo's arm around me and began to go leap him back to my house.

I looked back and Levi had knocked out Emma with Vulca, a strong fire attack. It gave me confidence that he would come back with both the gems.

When we got to my house my dad was gone at work which was good so I wouldn't have to explain why Masuyo was knocked out.

I laid down Masuyo on the couch and went to go wet a washcloth.

Masuyo's face was bleeding and it really worried me.

I wiped the blood off and pressed the washcloth against his face.

I didn't really know what to do about his face so I just prayed he would wake up and that Levi would come back soon.

After waiting an hour Masuyo woke up.

I was laying on the other couch with my eyes closed so he must think I'm sleeping.

I heard him walk over to me he leaned down to brush my hair from my face.

I was so sudden that it kind of scared me and I rolled off the couch.


Masuyo began to laugh.

"That's not funny!" I yelled jumping up and looking up at him with a angry face.

Masuyo chuckled, "I'm sorry." He kissed me on the cheek and walked into the kitchen.

"He-Hey what are you doing?"

"Getting something to eat. After that we need to see how Levi is."

"I really hope he's okay…"

Suddenly someone rang the doorbell.

When I went to answer it there was a little note.

"Two Element Gems two more to go. And if you're wondering were your brother is, he's dead."