Slice me up
like a delicatessen.
will you eat me raw?

or perhaps
cook me thorough
so i'm completely
blood less

slice me up
and suckle on the strawberry colored wonders
dip me in sugar
to make me something i'm not

or perhaps
you can stick me with
some cheesecake batter
to only enhance
how pitiful i was to start

slice me up
like a little emo kid
i can say "woe is me,
check out my angst"

or perhaps
cut a real incision
right down the breast bone
i sawed my tits off
i'm trying to make myself
sex less

slice me up
like nazis did the jewish babies
follow in their cult antics
and make me be the victim

or perhaps
i'll just do it myself
"her life is perfect" is what everyone says
and still she disagrees

slice me up
because you can
because I can
because slicing me up
is quite the hobby.