I Wish You Weren't So Horribly Perfect: Chapter Three – Dream Of Happily Ever After

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Time was passing so quickly for the group… and they only got closer with each passing day. Well… I certain pair did, anyway. Every time you looked over, you'd see them together. Mat and Ian… and Brooke didn't like it so much. Even she could tell something was happening between the two and she was determined to stop it.

For Haley and Rachael it was the cutest thing in the world. The way Mat would randomly take Ian's hand and play with his fingers, or how Ian was always blushing and laughing when Mat hugged him out of nowhere. Of course, you could never tell with Mat…

Lin wasn't so happy either… and Rachael had the sneaking suspicion that Brooke and Lin were going to get together and plan to break Ian and Mat apart. Haley was scared though, because what was going on between the two could be nothing and it was their business anyway… though she would indeed love to hear all the juicy facts.

One day, in particular is got very bad. They were all sitting down for lunch and Mat was of course in between Brooke and Ian. He was turned to his left, blabbing away about something to Ian and Brooke looked ticked. Haley and Rachael were nervously talking, both keeping one eye on Brooke.

Just as they thought everything was going to be all right, Ian reached up and brushed a strand of loose hair from Mat's face and Mat gave him a dashing smile. Haley bit her lip as Brooke stood and glared at Ian. "He's a fag Mat!" She spat viciously. "A freaking faggot! God, I told you! I told you he was a little fruit!"

Ian looked like he was about to cry and Mat stood up and frowned down at Brooke. Rachael immediately ran over to comfort Ian and soon everyone in the lunchroom was watching to see what would happen. "Brooke," Mat said slowly. "You really need to calm down."

"You're not telling me that you're a fucking fag too?" She hissed giving him a push and he stumbled back a little. Mat glanced over at his other friends, seeing Rachael hugging Ian and Haley's face buried in Jay's shoulder. Brooke gave a bitter laugh. "This is just too good," She said sarcastically. "The guy I love is a gay and falling for another one."

"I'm not gay," Mat said finally, but he didn't move and he wouldn't meet her eyes. "You're just a bitch. I thought I loved you Brooke, I honestly did, but after that I don't want to look at you, let alone love you." He shook his head and pursed his lips. Most of the girls squealed and cheered and some of the guys clapped. Brooke, however, smacked him across the face and stomped off.

Mat rubbed the red mark on his cheek and bit his bottom lip, keeping himself from going off. He turned around to see Ian looking up at him guiltily. "I'm sorry," He said softly. "I really am! I didn't mean to cause-" Mat cut him off.

"That wasn't your fault," Everyone was staring again. "Come here." Rachael let go of Ian and he stood up. Mat wrapped his arms around the smaller frame and Ian rested his head on the strong chest before him. This was a rather familiar site as of lately. "I'm sorry. That was completely wrong of her."

Ian bit his lip and gave a little nod. "Okay…" He said softly, looking up into the soft blue eyes. Instantly their lips met and there was a chorus of gasps followed by a loud thump from where Haley and Rachael hit the floor at the same time. When they pulled apart Ian mumbled, "Mat?"


"I think I'm gay."


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