A Message from Grandma

I held her hand,

she touched my heart,

I knew that soon we'd have to part.

She couldn't speak,

but I could see,

what she wanted to say to me.

She wanted me to be ok,

to survive life with her away,

she wanted me to follow my dreams,

no matter how unreal they seem.

She didn't want for me to cry,

no matter what to always try,

to smile away all my tears,

to conquer all my greatest fears.

She wanted me beyond all doubt,

to work real hard and never pout,

to get back up when I'm knocked down,

to keep my feet on solid ground.

As I said my last goodbye,

I couldn't help but start to cry.

I knew she was in a better place,

I saw the peace that was in her face.

I knew she would suffer no more,

on eagles wings she now would soar.

For me there is no turning back,

I strive to live the way she asks.

Although no words did others hear,

to me the message was loud and clear.

For the best message you will ever receive,

will only come when you believe.

I know love is the only way,

to make my grandma proud each day.

Even though I had to say goodbye,

even though tears I had to cry,

I know in my heart that she is still here,

even though that's not how it would appear.

Just like her message with no words aloud,

my heart knows just how to make her proud.

For your heart will give a message so true,

that only love can reveal to you.