There is so much to a human being. Of course you can be technical with it. You can say a human has a liver, kidneys, legs, arms, ribs, and a heart… You can use science to prove what you already know. But if one were to study closely, or not so closely as I did today you begin to notice just how amazing human life is.

You notice mannerisms in their speech, actions. The face is an astounding thing as well. The way flesh has moved and adapted to form mouths and noses that flow with an amazing grace. Hair that attaches to this amazing thing that almost has a life of its own. The way eyes seem to sparkle, or skin pales at the sight of something we'd rather not see.

And if you stare long enough you can almost memorize a person…but then they move, and Poof! There goes the progress. Its time to learn this new emotion, the new wrinkles in the face, gaze admiringly at the way someone wrinkles their nose. There is so much in just a face. So many amazing things.

But then it all seems unimportant when you get to the brain. You wonder why you even bother with a face when you begin to ponder someone's brain. Synapses sending electrical pulses, thoughts, the whole core of existence revolves around something that weighs usually no more than 8 pounds. 8 pounds to provide life.

So many amazing things with people. Diseases aren't all that wonderful, but they are amazing. Something so simple can destroy something so amazing.

Something un-pure can destroy everything someone has worked for. It's amazing the way life works.