Destruction's New Claim

The wielder of insanity's blade

A name of fear for himself has made,

And now a once dormant power

Awakens within its prison tower.

The new destruction has awakened the old

A blade so fierce no mortal could hold,

So deep from within its prison

It calls to the killer as if through mysticism.

"Come to me! Obey my will!"

"And many more victims you will kill!"

The guard insanity possessed

Sought this new voice in hopes of what he could invest.

He followed the voice into the Shadow Forest so dark.

A place neither elf nor man would dare to embark

He traveled deep into these trees

To the point that there was no breeze.

With time he reached the great tower

It was here that he sensed a great power.

But his insanity had been growing by the hour

And his soul yearned for another blood shower.

Up through the tower he went

And no matter what his course could not be bent.

He broke through walls

And destroyed ancient spells

He did not care that it caused his body hell.

He sought this new voice

Until two halls presented him choice,

But guided by his possession

He was able to hold session

And discover the way to his prize.

As he drew nearer

The voice became clearer,

And so did the way to its chest.

He came to a room

That had an evil gloom,

And there in the center lay a great crest.

The voice said; "Turn it four rounds!"

"And soon your victims will lie in mounds!"

He turned and counted

While shadows surrounded,

And the voice his soul it hounded!

Once the turns were completed

And the soldier's soul was totally defeated.

A great sword burst forth from the crest

And drove itself into his chest!

A struggle ensued,

But the blade was subdued!

Effortlessly he pulled the sword from his breast.

"With the blade of insanity a thousand men I've felled!"

"Now with the sword of destruction the gates of hell shall swell!"

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