I knew there was something that drew you apart,

ever since the start,

I never really knew,

how much... I truely cared about you,

I met your girl-friend and loved her in an instant,

but once I saw the pain she put you through...all I wanted to do was make her distant,

you came to me for help,

you will never know how hard it was on me... with the feelings I felt,

I can never do anything right,

and I always feel so uptight,

I never like the mood that you're in,

but because of Kristie... that all depends,

I have mixed emotions right now,

I would sort them out... but I don't know how,

jealousy starts to stir within,

a pain settling just beneath the skin,

this is just a game to you,

but now... my time is through,

I may have caught you off guard,

but try to understand... that this is really hard.