My Blood:

Lately I've been

Fighting on and on

I notice this strong

Woman still

Only wants to

Be held in the

Arms of one who

Loves her more

Than life itself

Just to rest

In the arms of

Someone who loves

In my own heart

I am the contender

The victor o'er

Any foe

But I still feel

The pains

I still ache

And bleed

Oh do I bleed

My blood flows

From my pores

Onto everything

To be lapped up

By the dogs

To attract the carrion

This is my life's

Blood I pour out for

You and I

Do you see my

Pain bubbling

Beneath my exterior?

Do you see my aura

Singed? Do you

Feel my blood fall?

Do you see this

War I wage

Against all odds?

I see my flesh

Dark and bruised

And I want to be

Held, to know

I do not wage

This alone, not

For someone

Who does not

See my pain

This pain, these tears

They're not for me

They're for you,

For the lifelessness I

Must endure for

Us to be

Finally free