For you I'd do anything

Just to be your man

A millions things have crossed my mind

But here is where I make my stand

Love is so fleeting in this dreary existence

Hard to find and ever elusive

A meeting like ours is more than chance

Destiny had a hand in this, our dance

A futile rhyme in this poem of love

Dance and chance, meaningless words to those who judge

But to me they seem to fit just right

Your eyes, your mouth, your face, your hair

The way it falls everywhere

Your touch, your kiss is ecstacy

To be near you is almost more than I can bear

This romance, a free fall

Of twisting new emotions

Boiling up unto the surface

Your skin, your love,

And everything said above

I'm wild with desire

Our love's a wildfire

Your words are like the poetry

Of those long laid to rest

Deeply etched unto my soul

Like words upon a stone

Eloquent, yes intelligent

A gift upon my ears

I'll love you for more than forever

An eternity of pleasure

To be found within your arms

This need, your touch

To be the one you love

I'll never want another

After having met you

Fate so kind has bestowed to me

This gift of you, I won't need

Anything ever again

Only you, my love, my heart

I pray that we'll never be apart

Your jokes, your laugh, your unrelenting strength

I need, I need, I need everything you have

Your loving kiss, this sublime bliss

To need you with all my soul

I know no more than what's beyond your face

Your words, your loving and tender embrace

You are my one and everything

To be away from you, to lose you

Would be worse to me than death

You are the only one for me